Reindexing FirmFlow documents

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FirmFlow allows you to re-index a document from the Document tab.

  1. In the My Work screen, click a workflow and then click the Documents tab.
  2. Click Options and choose Re-index a Document.

    Note: Edit permission is required in order to re-index a document.

  3. Make any desired changes to the Document Type, Description, Period End, or Document Date fields. The Client Name, Client Number, File Section, and Year values are inherited from the workflow.


    • In most cases, the period end is also inherited from the workflow. Although this field can be re-indexed to a value other than that of the source folder and still remain in the Documents tab view, in most cases when the folder period end is changed, the document's period is also changed. This differs from an index such as "Engagement type." If the Engagement type index is changed for the current document, the document does not appear in the default list in the Documents tab of the related folder.
    • If you are submitting tax workpapers for SurePrep processing, you must choose SurePrep Source Documents as the document type.
  4. Click Options and choose Save re-index.

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