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The Login History report tracks session details for each user within any 24-hour period or range of 24-hour periods based on date. It includes the GoFileRoom login and logout times, the duration for each session, and the IP address used in each session.

Follow these steps to run the Login History report.

  1. Choose Reports > Login History from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Select the desired dates from the From date and To date fields using the calendar buttons.
  3. Select a user or select All from the drop-down list for the User field.

    Note: If your search should include ClientFlow users, mark the External Users checkbox.

  4. Click the Search button. The login history for the criteria you chose will be displayed.


  • You an expand each row to view its details.
  • You can export report results into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Export to Excel icon. If you access GoFileRoom using the QuickLaunch feature, the report shows * (an asterisk) to indicate that multiple logins were used.
  • The report does not include login information for user accounts that were deleted from GoFileRoom. We recommend that you disable inactive accounts instead of permanently deleting them.

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