Access GoFileRoom documents through multiple browsers and device types

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You can access GoFileRoom documents through a variety of internet browsers on multiple types of devices. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11, and Apple Safari.

To do this, go to on your device and enter your GoFileRoom username and password to open the GoFileRoom Documents screen, where you can do the following.

Note: To be able to access in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you must first disable Compatibility mode.

Show me.

Documents screen

Download documents

To download a document, click the Download Document button in the Actions column. The document opens in your device's designated application. Show me.

Open link

Filter documents

Click the Apply Filters button to open the Filters dialog, where you can select index field values to filter the current Documents list. Click Save to save your changes and apply the filters.Show me.

Apply Filter button

Sort documents

Click the drop-down arrow near a column heading to sort the Documents list by the information in that column. You can sort in ascending or descending order, or apply additional column filters. Show me.

Sorting columns


  • Click the Hide Filters Hide Filters button button or Show Filters Show Filters button button at the top right of the screen to hide or show current filters.
  • The Hide Filters button also hides the drop-down arrows in the column headings.

Configure columns

To select which columns appear in the Documents screen, click the Options button to expand the Column heading list and mark the checkboxes for the columns that you want to appear in the Documents screen. Clear the checkboxes for the columns that you want to hide. Show me.

Configuring columns

Download the Documents list in CSV format

To download the current Documents list as a CSV file, click Download CSV List in the toolbar. Show me.

Download CSV List button

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