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You may want to add a single deliverable to the list rather than importing a new list into GoFileRoom FirmFlow. You can easily add one deliverable / form at a time to the forms list as follows:

  1. Open a FirmFlow folder within the Service Line you wish to add a new deliverable.
  2. In the Deliverables tab, choose Options > Add.
  3. Click the magnifying glass button.
  4. Right-click any deliverable and select Add New Deliverable.
  5. Fill in the deliverable name and due dates.
  6. Click Save.

The new deliverable is now in the master list and will be available in all folders.


  • "Manage Lookup List" drawer level permission must be enabled on a group in which the user is a member.
  • Items added to the list in this manner will be overwritten anytime a new list is uploaded via Manage FirmFlow.
  • Lists can be exported via Manage FirmFlow to preserve items added in this manner.
  • To add a deliverable, the workflow must be assigned to you and cannot be in the completed stage.

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