Error: Not able to upload documents, please check your log file for error

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Typically, you would select to import an email from Outlook using the GoFileRoom Outlook buttons in the Add-Ins toolbar. When you click the Import to GoFileRoom button, log into GoFileRoom, index the email, and then click Save. You may see a message that says "Not able to upload documents, please check your log file for error."

Using the Add-Ins tab in the Outlook toolbar will send the email to the Upload Documents server. The error occurs because you do not have access to the network path for the Upload Documents server. The possible causes are:

To diagnose this issue, you must determine the location of the Upload Documents Server on the local computer or network.

You can determine and configure the location of the Upload Documents Server for the GoFileRoom Outlook add-in by navigating into the registry where the GoFileRoom Outlook settings are stored.  This is located in the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Thomson Reuters\WorkFlow Manager\Outlook.

Show me.

Outlook Registry Screenshot

When you highlight the above registry key, locate the Name key on the right labeled Network.

You can find the network upload locations for your firm by logging into GoFileRoom and then navigating to the Administration > Manage Configurations > Locations tab.

Note: You can override the default path if a secondary location is chosen on the User or Groups tab located in the Administration > Manage Users & Groups area of GoFileRoom. Once the path to the Upload Documents Server has been identified, you can begin troubleshooting the possible causes listed above.

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