ClientFlow and NetClient CS integration FAQ

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GoFileRoom's ClientFlow is available to NetClient CS users. Click the links below to see answers to frequently asked questions regarding this integration.

Can NetClient users upload files, or is this a one-way portal?

NetClient CS users can upload files to the ClientFlow Module of NetClient CS. These files will be added to GoFileRoom.

Where are the files added?

The files are added to GoFileRoom, and indexed as defined in the Manage Configurations area of GoFileRoom.

Can a portal user upload multiple files simultaneously?

Yes, hold down the control key, or shift to select multiple files (aggregate size must be under 400 MB).

What is the maximum file size a NetClient CS user can upload

The maximum file size may vary based on connection speed, but is approximately 400 MB.

Will a NetClient CS user be able to edit documents?

No, documents are displayed for read only purposes.

If we have an existing NetClient CS account used for CBS ASP can we add ClientFlow to it, or do we need a separate portal?

ClientFlow can be added to existing portals, for details click here. If you are creating a new portal and want to grant access to other NetClient CS modules this can be done via NetClient Administration.

Does the ClientFlow module offer email alerts similar to File Exchange and Document Presentation?

These can be configured with the GoFileRoom Notifications and Alerts module on the GoFileRoom HomePage

Are firms billed for space usage of ClientFlow files?

No, the files published are not billed space usage.

Where does the email come from to register the account?

By default the email will come from Be sure to check spam folders if the email does not arrive. This can be changed within NetClient CS Administration > Utilities > Preferences.

How long do files stay available to view on the portal?

There is no expiration for files. All administration is done via GoFileRoom, if it is desired to remove a file it can be unpublished in GoFileRoom.

Which Browsers are supported?

Most browsers are supported such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.


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