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Use the following steps to have your password reset, grant a staff member access to a restricted drawer in GoFileRoom, or designate another signed principal on file.

Resetting passwords

Contact your firm's administrator for GoFileRoom or AdvanceFlow and have them reset your password.

  1. Log into GoFileRoom.
  2. In the Administration drop-down, choose Manage Users & Groups.
  3. On the Users tab, select the appropriate user.
  4. Enter a password. The person will be required to change this password after they use it once.

If your account becomes disabled from too many attempts to log in, see the Re-enabling a disabled user account topic. Be sure to also reset the password when doing these steps.

If there isn't an administrator available to reset your password, our Support team can assist you with the steps in the next section below.

All other requests

You will need to provide some information to have your password reset, grant access to a restricted drawer, or designate another signed principal on file. The following information describes how the request process works.

  1. On a piece of your firm's letterhead, write a short note stating your request, and have it signed by a person who currently has a signature on file with Thomson Reuters.
  2. Scan the letter into your computer.
  3. Send an email to (for AdvanceFlow) or (for GoFileRoom) with the letter attached.
  4. You will get an email notification that we received your request and have submitted it for approval and processing.
  5. Once the request is complete, a Support Representative will contact you via telephone with instructions.

Internal notes

Support steps:

  1. When you receive the Kana, log the email in Flash as usual, but leave the ticket open.
  2. Log into GoFileRoom and access the Customers drawer in the 004 database.
  3. Compare the signature on the letter to the signature in the GFR drawer. 
  4. If the signatures do not match, reply to the email asking for a different person's signature.
  5. If the signatures match, put a copy of the letter in the drawer, and then enter a CFR for the password reset with the letter attached.
  6. Reply to the email indicating that the password reset request has been submitted.
  7. When the CFR is sent back to you, call the customer and give them the new password.
  8. Close your Flash ticket and the CFR.

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