Adding a group for GoFileRoom security

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If you have administrative privileges, you can create groups to help manage user privileges. For example, if all members of a department in your firm require the same GoFileRoom access privileges, you could assign all members to the same group and manage security settings at the group level.

The Administrators and Scan Operators groups are available in GoFileRoom by default. Members of the Administrators group will be able to access the System Administration screen to perform various administrative tasks in GoFileRoom. Members of the Scan Operators group will be able to view the filing history of all other GoFileRoom users, but will not have access to GoFileRoom administrative features.

Do not rename the Administrators group.

To add a new group, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage Users & Groups, and then click the Groups tab.
  2. Select New Group from the Select Group field.
  3. Enter the group name in the Group Name field.
  4. To assign a group to a specific upload location, select the location from the Upload Location field.
  5. If this group is authorised to view management reports, tick the Allow access to reports checkbox. This checkbox allows the user to view the Document Audit History for any document they may retrieve.
  6. Click the Reports button and tick checkboxes to allow or deny this group's access to specific reports. We recommend that you tick either the Allow or Deny checkbox for each report.

    Note: If a user inherits report security from a group and has individual report security, the user will only have the individual report security rights.

  7. Optional: Tick the Full Document Tracking Access checkbox, if appropriate.
  8. Select the users for the new group in the Users list and click the right arrow button to add them to the group.
  9. Click the Save button.

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