Restricting access to GoFileRoom drawers

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GoFileRoom allows you to designate a non-GoFileRoom administrator, such as the HR manager, as a drawer "owner." Restricted drawer owners have control over a top-level drawer access user list and can also add other drawer owners who would then have the same controls as the original owner.

Note: IT administrators cannot override or bypass the security settings for drawers with restricted access.

To configure a drawer with restricted access, contact GoFileRoom Support. You will need to provide the following information.

Follow these steps to check the status of a drawer in the Manage FileRoom screen.

  1. Choose Administration > Manage Fileroom from the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. Click the drawer for which you have requested restricted access. If the drawer is restricted, the Restricted checkbox will be ticked.


  • You cannot clear the Restricted checkbox for a restricted drawer.
  • To make changes to a restricted drawer or to remove the Restricted status from a drawer, you must submit a formal request to GoFileRoom Support. The request must be in writing on company letterhead with signed approval from one of your firm's principals. Contact GoFileRoom Support for additional instructions prior to sending a request.
  • Owners of restricted drawers have access to the Restricted drawer access screen via the System Administration module.
  • Drawer owners can designate additional drawer owners.
  • Drawer owners must have drawer-level permissions in addition to being designated drawer owners to access the drawer. Be sure to provide users access to these drawers using the Managing Users and Groups GoFileRoom Manage Users and Groups features.
  • Administrators can reset the password of a drawer owner, however, as soon as they do, that user will no longer be designated as a drawer's owner. If this occurs, contact an alternate drawer owner, if available. If an alternate drawer owner is not available, contact GoFileRoom Support to reinstate the drawer owner. Authorisation on your firm's letterhead is required to process requests for reinstatement. 

Internal notes

Use this topic to define a firm's prinicipal. For example, we are running into firms like LBA group, which has a Managing Partner, but he is not listed as a licensee and does not have anything in 004 as a signature. Per Jim Polvino, a Managing partner should be given authority to sign off on the letterhead.