Scanning documents with ScanFlow

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Follow these steps to scan documents into GoFileRoom.

Note: GoFileRoom stores documents that you scan as black and white documents.

  1. Click the Add Documents link in the GoFileRoom toolbar.
  2. In the Add Documents screen, enter index values and generate a Barcode cover sheet and bookmark separator sheets (optional) for each document you will scan.

    Note: A single document, such as a tax return, can have multiple pages.

  3. Place barcode cover sheets in front of each document you will scan and include any bookmark separator sheets.
  4. Place the documents to be scanned in your scanner's document feeder.
  5. Open Adobe Acrobat and click the GoFileRoom Batch Scan Batch scan button.

    Note: If you are using Adobe Acrobat X version 10.0 or higher, the ScanFlow toolbar buttons are located in the Tools pane.

  6. If prompted, log in to GoFileRoom.
  7. In the dialog that opens, select a scanner driver and click the Select button. Your scanner application opens.
  8. Change options and settings, if necessary.

    Note: We recommend a scanning resolution of 300 DPI.

  9. Click the Scan button. When scanning is complete, the scanned documents are displayed in Acrobat.
  10. Preview the pages in Acrobat to verify the page count, rotate pages as needed, and so on.

    Note: You can save the scan prior to uploading it by choosing File > Save As.

  11. Prior to uploading the scan to GoFileRoom, you can perform additional tasks such as adding or deleting documents or document pages, moving pages, separating a unrecognized barcode, or rotating pages. For details, see Modifying scanned documents prior to uploading them to GoFileRoom.
  12. Click the Upload batch to GoFileRoom Upload batch to GoFileRoom button.
  13. Verify the page count and click OK.

Note: Close Adobe Acrobat when you are done scanning to ensure that no other users can add scanned documents using your login information.