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User bulletins provide information about enhancements, changes, and special issues related to GoFileRoom.

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View the user bulletins for the current release

UB 8628 GoFileRoom v.19.2.6 Update (8/29/19)

View user bulletins for prior releases

The following links open user bulletins for the prior release of GoFileRoom.

UB 8622 GoFileRoom v.19.2.4 Update (8/12/19)

UB 8620 GoFileRoom v.19.2.3 Update (7/24/19)

UB 8619 GoFileRoom Special Information (7/12/19)

UB 8610 GoFileRoom v.19.2.0 Update (3/28/19)

UB 8603 GoFileRoom v.16.2.8 Update (26/12/18)

UB 8590 GoFileRoom v.16.2.7 Update (18/10/18)

UB 8575 GoFileRoom v.16.2.6 Update (3/8/18)

UB 8571 GoFileRoom v.16.2.5 Update (21/6/18)

UB 8566 GoFileRoom v.16.2.4 Update (25/5/18)

UB 8553 GoFileRoom v.16.2.3 Update (26/3/18)

UB 8499 GoFileRoom v.16.2.0 Update (10/10/17)

UB 8488 GoFileRoom v.16.1.9 Update (11/8/17)

UB 8483 GoFileRoom v.16.1.6 Update (29/6/17)

UB 8441 GoFileRoom v.16.1.3 Update (17/1/17)

UB 8435 GoFileRoom v.16.1.2 Update (19/12/16)

UB 8413 GoFileRoom v.16.1.1 Update (18/11/16)

UB 8388 GoFileRoom v.16.0.4 Update (7/9/16)

UB 8362 GoFileRoom v.16.0.0 Welcome (30/6/16)

Internal notes

Note that the GFR application version numbers are different than the Add-In version numbers and the Client Add-In isn't always updated with each release. See the UBs themselves for specific information on any Add-In updates.