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The GoFileRoom IT Checklist should be used to configure workstations and utility servers. Most common issues can be resolved by verifying the following settings.

Workstation settings

Application Condition Action Required
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Settings required for GoFileRoom v12

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Internet Options and configure as follows:

Security Tab

  1. Click the "Trusted sites" icon
  2. Click the "Sites..." button
  3. Uncheck "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"
  4. In the "Add this web site to the zone" enter the following five domains:
  5. Click the Add button after entering each domain
  6. Re-check "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"
  7. Click Close button
  8. Click the Custom Level button
  9. Select Low from the "Reset to" drop-down list and click the Reset button
  10. Scroll through the Settings and make the following three changes:

    Download unsigned ActiveX controls: Enable
    Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting: Enable

    Display mixed content: Enable
  11. If prompted to verify your changes, click Yes
  12. Click OK

Advanced Tab


  • Uncheck "Re-use windows for launching shortcuts..."

Compatibility View Mode

For Internet Explorer versions 9 & 10, set the following domains to use Compatibility View:

  • gofileroomlogin.com
  • Thomson.com
  • onesourcelogin.com
  • onesourcetax.com
  • riahome.com
Browser software requirements

Navigate to www.gofileroomlogin.com and click on the "view browser requirements" link at the bottom of the page. If any row in the Microsoft System Files reads "No" or "-", click the corresponding link and install the files.

If, after installation, the System Files still read "No," or "-", verify the files are located in either C:\Windows\System32 (32 bit Windows) or C:\Windows \SysWOW64 (64 bit Windows).

If the files are in that directory, you will have to manually register the affected file(s) using Run>>regsvr32 "path-of-file\file-name" such as regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\mscomctl.ocx

Note: for Windows Vista and 7, turn User Account Control off or set it to its lowest setting prior to installing and/or registering the files.

Premature session timeouts (there is a default 3 hour timeout period for web- based logins).
  1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Internet Options>>Advanced tab
  2. Uncheck "Re-use windows for launching shortcuts..."
Web pages are not updating correctly or displaying inaccurate content. Delete your temporary Internet files by doing the following:
  1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Internet Options>>General tab
  2. Under "Browsing history," click "Delete..."
  3. Verify Temporary Internet Files is selected
  4. Click Delete
  5. Click OK
Objects on toolbars, menus, tabs, and/or dialog windows are larger or smaller than default, cut-off or missing.
  • In Windows Vista or 7, open the Control Panel>>Appearance and Personalization>>Display and adjust the magnification setting to 100% (default)
  • In Internet Explorer, go to View>>>Zoom and verify it is set to 100%
GoFileRoom's website does not open in Internet Explorer

Set Internet Explorer to be the default web browser.

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Internet Options>>Programs and select "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser"

Internet Explorer blocks pop-up windows on the GoFileRoom website Uninstall all Internet Explorer toolbars.
When trying to log into GoFileRoom, the key does not turn and the user cannot log in.

Verify you are using the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer and NOT the 64 bit version.

Install the latest version of flash at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.

If you need to uninstall Flash, you can use the Adobe uninstaller utility located at http://go.adobe.com/kb/ts_tn_14157_en-us

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Office documents do not open in Internet Explorer when a user views a document in GoFileRoom's View Mode.
Microsoft Office Issues with Microsoft Office Add-Ins Verify the Add-ins are not disabled and are loaded under the application's Options screen. If the Add-ins will not stay checked, you may have to manually register the dll files listed at the end of this document.

To register the files, go to Run>>regsvr32 "path-of-file\file-name" such asregsvr32 C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\GFROfficeExcel.dll

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe files are not opening correctly.

Workstations accessing PDF documents in GoFileRoom should have only one product and version of Adobe Acrobat installed. Supported versions:

  • Acrobat 7.x - 10.x Standard & Professional
  • Adobe Reader 7.x - 10.x

If there are multiple versions of Adobe installed, uninstall all but the most current version. If both Reader and Acrobat are installed, uninstall Reader.

  • Go to Start>>Control Panel>>Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features
  • Note: after uninstalling Reader while leaving Acrobat, "Detect and Repair" is often necessary to restore file associations for Acrobat.
PDF documents open in an Acrobat or Reader instead of a Internet Explorer page when a user views a document in GoFileRoom's View Mode.

Enable Acrobat's "Display PDF in browser" feature

In Acrobat, go to Edit>>Preferences>>Internet and select "Display PDF in browser"

GoFileRoom Client GoFileRoom software is not installing correctly. In Windows Vista or 7, verify User Account Control Settings is either off or set to its lowest setting and the computer gets rebooted prior to installing the software.

Verify the user account is a local administrator for the computer.

Scanstation Related

Condition Action Required
Scanstation is slow and/or unresponsive.

Full system requirements are listed at www.cs.thomsonreuters.com but verify the computer has at least the following:

  • 2 GB RAM without central upload server installed
  • 4 GB RAM with central upload server installed
Verify the computer's disk drive is not full.
Users are not local administrators and are experiencing issues with Kofax VRS. Open a web browser and navigate to http://knowledgebase.kofax.com/faqsearch/results/aspx?QAID=1482
Barcodes printed from PDF file are not recognized during scanning.
  1. Print the barcode on a different printer
  2. Verify the scanner has been cleaned recently
  3. Modify the printing options:
  • In Adobe Acrobat, when printing the barcodes from a PDF, set Page Scaling in the Page Handling section of the print dialog box to "None."
  • In Internet Explorer, before printing the Barcodes directly from GoFileRoom, click File>>Page Setup and modify all Margin values to 0.75 (inches).

Utilities/Server settings

Condition Action Required
Files are not uploading or importing correctly
  1. Verify the upload login credentials and restart the service(s).
  2. In the Security section of the UploadDocuments and/or File Import folders, verify group "Everyone" has Full Control permissions.
Tax returns printed to PDF by certain users are not importing into GoFileRoom All users who print Tax Returns from third-party tax software should be aware of the proper naming convention for the GoFileRoom File Importer utility service. Refer to the File Importer topic in the Help & How-To center for details

Network Related

Condition Action Required
Users are not receiving correspondence from GoFileRoom and/or email notifications from FirmFlow.

Ensure SPAM filtering allows all GoFileRoom email and notifications.

  • Ports 80 and 443 should be open by default
  • Allowed IP addresses should be and
  • Allow access for the files listed at the end of this document.
Some actions are blocked when using GoFileRoom

Set the Firewall using the following:

  • Configure the WAN failover and load balancing settings. For example, using a SonicWall Firewall, configure Basic Active/Passive Failover with Preempt and failback to Primary WAN when possible checked, or Percentage-Based with Use Source and Destination IP Addresses Binding checked.

List of files used by GoFileRoom


  • This list does not include other .EXE files from applications that supplement usage with GoFileRoom, such as Word, Excel, Acrobat, and Outlook.
  • For 64-bit Windows, all "Program Files" directories listed below will reside in "Program Files (x86)."


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRDownload\download_status.gif

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRDownload\downloadstatus

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRDownload\GfrDownloadClient.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRDownload\GfrDownloadDLL.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRDownload\GfrDownloadEXE.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\Base64.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\DataProtection.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\DecryptProxy.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\DecryptProxy.reg

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\DecryptProxy.tlb

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GfrCleanup.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRCrypto.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRHTTPVB.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRInfoStore.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRLocalFiles.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GFRMessage.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\GfrRemoteCom.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\glsZip.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\IESettings.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\immProcessManager.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\immRegistry.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\immTimer.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\IWMProxy.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\IWMShortcut.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\Common Files\Keeper.exe


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\extensibility.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\GFRCheckout.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\GFRControlPanel.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanelGFRControlPanel.exe.config

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\GFRCPOutlookIntegration.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\GFRCPOutlookIntegration.dll.config

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\GFRCPOutlookIntegration.dll.manifest

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\GoFileRm.ico

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\Microsoft.Office.Tools.Common.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\Microsoft.Office.Tools.Commonv4.0Utilities.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\Microsoft.Office.Tools.Outlook.v4.0Utilities.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Runtime.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\Office.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\stdole.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\System.Core.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\System.Numerics.cll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\System.Xml.Linq.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\TR.WorkflowTools.ControlPanelObjects.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRControlPanel\VSTOStorageWrapper.Interop.dll


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRAcrobat\copyFiles.bat

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRAcrobat\GFRB642UB.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRAcrobat\gfrCheckView.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRAcrobat\gfrPDFModify.dll


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\AddinExpress.MSO.2005.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\adxloader.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\adxloader.dll.manifest

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\adxloader64.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\adxregistrator.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\AxSHDocVw.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\DataProtection.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\DecryptProxy.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Ionic.Zip.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Microsoft.Vbe.Interop.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\Office.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\stdole.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\TR.WorkFlowTools.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROffice\TR.WorkFlowTools.Keeper.exe


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\Add.gif

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\checked.gif

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\download_status.gif

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\downloadstatus.htm

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\GFRRedemption.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\IWMOutlookClient.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\IWMOutlookWork.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\LocalFiles.gif

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\OutlookDownloadDocs.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\Save.gif

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFROutlook\unchecked.gif


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToGoFileRoom\Adapter.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriver\IWMPrinter.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriver\PrinterInstall.bat

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriver\PrinterUninstall.bat

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\BlackIceDEVMODE.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\del.bat

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\del64.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\display.ico

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\Mydll_NT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\WorkFlowManagerPrinterx64.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BiImgUser.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BiPDFCJK.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BiPDFInterfaceP.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BiPDFP.dll

•; C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPAppNT.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPappTX.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPDRNT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPDRVTS.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPiniNT.ini

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPMonNT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPMonTS.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPProNT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPProTS.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPResNT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPresTS.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPRmvNT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPRmvTS.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPUifNT.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\BuPUifTS.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\Dib32.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\display.ico

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\Jpeg32.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\Pdf32.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\Tiff32.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\PrintDriverx64\PDF Driver Files\vcredist_x64.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\AcroFileGray.bmp

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\Adapter.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\ImmPrintToIWM.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\PrintToIWM\IWM_cabnet15.ico


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRScanflow\ScanflowBrowser.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRScanflow\MFCBar32.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRScanflow\License.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRScanflow\ScanflowBrowserWrapper.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\GFRScanflow\ScanflowBrowserWrapper2.dll


• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\IWMUploadDocuments\UploadDocuments\GFRUploadDocuments.info

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\IWMUploadDocuments\GFRCrypto.dll

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\IWMUploadDocuments\IWMUploadDocsConfigurator.exe

• C:\Program Files\GoFileRoom\IWMUploadDocuments\IWMUploadDocuments.ini

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