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In tax year 2016, Thomson Reuters worked in partnership with the IRS to meet new requirements that help strengthen security for all tax-related software for professionals. As part of these enhanced security measures, your CS Professional Suite software will require you and your staff to log in to your applications. The credentials you use depend on the CS Professional Suite products you have licensed. See the appropriate section below for details. 

Note: These changes do not impact versions of UltraTax CS prior to 2016.1.0.

Are you licensed for NetFirm CS or other web-based CS Professional Suite applications?

If you use NetFirm CS, Virtual Office CS, or Software as a Service (SaaS), confirm that staff members who use your CS Professional Suite applications all have NetStaff CS accounts. For details, see Adding staff portals. You may also want to provide information about strong passwords to your clients if they use NetClient CS.

Are you licensed for CS Professional Suite desktop products only?

If you use the CS Professional Suite without NetFirm CS, Virtual Office CS, or Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, you need to create Thomson Reuters IDs for staff members who don't already have them and upgrade their permissions. To do so, complete the following steps.

  1. Your firm’s CS Web administrator must log in to the My Account page on our website and follow the prompts to upgrade your firm’s security settings. 
  2. Verify that all CS Professional Suite desktop software users have their own Thomson Reuters IDs with Web & CS Professional Suite Desktop Software permissions. For details, see Creating and managing login information for the CS website.
  3. After adding accounts and upgrading permissions as necessary, your staff members can log in to your CS Professional Suite applications using the email address and passwords from their Thomson Reuters IDs. For details, see Logging in to CS Professional Suite applications.

Note: These changes do not impact versions of UltraTax CS prior to 2016.1.0.

Important information about IRS security changes

Per the IRS, software providers are required to implement new security measures in all tax applications for professionals.

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Internal training videos

Internal security training - Part 1 (approx 15 mins.)

Watch this video learn about updates coming soon to application security. This video was created to train staff in preparation for the November 7, 2016 communication (TL 30521) sent to customers about changes coming soon to their applications. 

Internal security training - Part 2 (approx 25 mins.)

Watch this video to learn how firms will complete the authentication process and (based on how applications are licensed) what the differences are in application login credentials.

Security and EMS (approx. 30 mins)

Watch this video to learn how to use EMS to verify what login credentials an external user should enter, if their CS Web Administrator has completed the security migration process, and if they have been given the correct permission level for access to CS Professional Suite desktop applications.

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