Creating a data storage area

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View the Mobile CS Link Getting Started guide

Before the Mobile CS app can access your firm’s data, you need to create a data storage area for your firm in Mobile CS Link. To ensure a secure connection to the storage area, you must provide a NetStaff CS login that is enabled for Mobile CS, and establish a Mobile CS Link password. You will need this password when you log in to Mobile CS Link.

Note: Your firm must be licensed for NetFirm CS to enable the Mobile CS app for your staff.

  1. If your firm is licensed for NetFirm CS, your firm administrator must create a portal in NetStaff CS for each staff member who will use the Mobile CS app. Please see the topic "Adding a NetStaff CS user" in the NetFirm CS help for information about creating portals in NetStaff CS.
  2. If your firm is not licensed for NetFirm CS, please contact your Sales representative at 800.968.8900 for more information.

To establish your data storage area passwords, follow these steps.

  1. To open Mobile CS Link, from the Start menu, choose All Programs > Mobile CS Link > Mobile CS Link.
  2. In the Mobile CS Data Storage dialog, enter the following information.
    • Firm ID: Your firm’s ID number.

      Note: This field is read-only.

    • NetStaff CS: Enter your NetStaff CS login and password.

      Note: You must have the Mobile CS app enabled in Practice CS for this NetStaff CS login. To enable the Mobile CS app in Practice CS, choose Setup > Staff, click the Contact Info tab, select the NetStaff CS account, and then select Enable Mobile CS from the Action drop-down list.

    • Mobile CS Link: In the Password field, enter a password you will use to log in to Mobile CS Link.
    • In the Retype Password field, re-enter the Mobile CS Link password to confirm.
  3. Click OK.

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