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If you have questions and can’t find the information you need in the Help & How-To Center, you can contact our Support team for assistance.

Special considerations for Virtual Client Office, Virtual Office CS, and SaaS issues

If your clients, you, or your staff are experiencing issues while opening applications through Virtual Client Office, Virtual Office CS, or SaaS, you should contact Web Services Support.

Note: If the issues occur while working within an application that is running in the Virtual Client Office, Virtual Office CS, or SaaS environment, you should contact support for that specific application. For example, if your staff members are experiencing issues while entering data in UltraTax CS, you should contact UltraTax CS Support.

For Virtual Client Office, Virtual Office CS, or SaaS issues, the Support Representative may request the portal ID of the user who is experiencing the issue. If you are contacting Support on behalf of a NetClient CS or NetStaff CS user, you may want to record the user’s hash ID before you contact Support.

Before you contact Support

You must be able to provide a specific explanation of the problem so that our Support Representative can handle your inquiry efficiently. You may want to write brief notes on some of the symptoms occurring on your computer or print out any error messages related to the problem. At a minimum, the Support Representative will need to know the following details.

Means of contacting our Support team

Use any of the following methods to contact a Support Representative.

Note: Normal weekday support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For additional details (including extended support hours for tax season and hours for other applications), see Support Hours.

Scope of Support

Our Support team assists customers by providing information, resources, and troubleshooting for CS Professional Suite applications running in supported environments. We cannot assist with hardware configuration, user and workstation setup, Windows permissions and file-sharing, network and server administration, peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, and mobile devices), or third-party software. Any issues related to these areas can be resolved with the assistance of your qualified IT personnel and/or the vendor’s support for the software or device in question.

When working with a customer, a Support Representative may request your permission to view your screen via WebEx Support Center. Doing so can help ensure that we answer your questions and troubleshoot CS Professional Suite application issues quickly and efficiently. We cannot enter data or modify settings related to your workstation or network.

Our Support team cannot relieve your firm of any legal or professional obligations. Software support does not include tax preparation advice or validation of tax or payroll compliance.

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