Client backups on Virtual Office CS or SaaS for SQL based applications

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For SQL based applications in Virtual Office CS and SaaS, only the full SQL database backups are made and retained automatically on behalf of the firm. Whether running Virtual Office CS, SaaS or in another environment, making backups of the entire firm data is our suggested best practice, see Best practices for safeguarding your firm and client data.

Although the Client Data Management Utility (CDMU) is available in the application, it is only intended for special circumstances. Some clients are not candidates for CDMU; see Backing up and restoring data for a client via the Client Data Management Utility for details.

CDMU calls can be handled only by non-System reps. Remember, System reps are not trained on CDMU.

It is the firms responsibility to create and store individual client backups for SQL applications on Virtual Office CS and SaaS.  It is also the firm's responsibility to create and store backup's for reports, financial statements and letters they update as well.


Internal notes

The challenge for you as a Support Representative would be to find out why the user feels they need to restore a backup. In most cases, the data they are trying to remove through a restore can be easily undone. For example, in Enter Transactions they can use the Edit Multiple Transactions options to filter down to the transactions that they want to remove. This can be useful when they need to remove transactions imported from QuickBooks or a spreadsheet.

If a firm is insistent that they need to access to an old backup of a single client, but has not been making CDMU backups themselves, they have a few options:

  • Request a restore of the full SQL backup to a specific time. All of their data between that point and to date will be lost for all clients.
  • VO only - we can retrieve the backup and send it to the firm licensee. The firm can restore the backup file on a local installation of ACS using SQL Server Management Studio, create the CDMU backup of the client, and restore the file themselves back into their VO database.

SaaS firms are leasing the software and are not provided a license to use the application locally.

  • The user can manually recreate or undo any work they have done with that single client they wanted to restore.
  • Professional Services can help the firm for a fee.

Note: It is not necessary to transfer this call to the Web Services queue. You can continue to work with the user and coordinate their request to restore files. To request a SQL database be restored, see Internal: Virtual Office CS SQL restore request.

To learn more about transferring calls to the Web Services queue, see Internal: Transferring calls to Web Services

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