Configuring a send only POP3 account in Microsoft Outlook in Virtual Office/SaaS

Alerts and notices

If you don't have a Microsoft Exchange account on Virtual Office CS/SaaS and do not wish to use Outlook on Virtual Office CS/SaaS to receive emails, you can configure a POP3 account as a send only account. This will allow you to send emails out of Virtual Office CS/SaaS applications without receiving emails in Outlook on Virtual Office CS/SaaS.

This procedure will only work for POP3 accounts.

To setup this send only account, follow the steps below.

To prevent receiving emails from the server as soon as the account is setup, click the Send / Receive tab and choose Send/Receive Groups and mark Disable Scheduled Send/Receive.  

  1. Configure a POP3 account. See Configuring Outlook 2016 to receive POP3 email in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment
  2. Once the account is setup, click the Send / Receive tab and choose Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups (Ctrl+Alt+S).
  3. Select All Accounts and click Edit
  4. Select the account from the list of accounts and unmark the Receive mail items checkbox in the Account Options section.

    Note: If this checkbox is grayed out, mark the Include the selected account in this group checkbox at the top of this dialog.

  5. Click OK and then click Close.

Internal notes

To resolve a synchronization error:

  1. Navigate to File > options > advanced.
  2. Scroll down to the send and receive heading and click on the send and receive button.
  3. On the right hand side of the send/receive groups window, click on the Edit button.
  4. Uncheck the "Get folder unread count for subscribed folders"
  5. Under received mail items, check the option for "use the custom behavior defined below"
  6. In the window that displays folders, uncheck inbox and leave all others checked.
  7. Click on OK
  8. Close Outlook and re-launch.