NetFirm CS: Multiple data locations and document presentation

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The Document Presentation module for NetClient CS will support transmissions from multiple data locations in FileCabinet CS.  However, there are a few things to consider when using multiple data locations and pushing data to NetClient CS.

  1. The process of transmitting data to NetClient CS for Document Presentation is a data location specific process.  This means that when pushing data to NetClient CS through CS Connect, the program will only transmit data from the currently selected data location.  If you have a second or third location that you are also pushing documents from, you will need to transmit data from those locations in a separate process.
  2. If a particular drawer ID is "split" between 2 data locations, a combined instance of the drawer cannot exist in Document Presentation.
    • For example:
      Drawer ID 123 has documents in folders A, B, C, D, E and all are set to contribute to NetClient CS within Location 1.
      • Move selected folders D and E to Location 2.  If the options are then marked to contribute folders D and E, transmission of Drawer 123 from Location 2 will result in the removal of data folders A, B and C from the instance of that drawer on Document Presentation.
      • Subsequently, if Drawer 123 is retransmitted from Location 1, folders D and E would be removed from the drawer on Document Presentation and replaced with folders A, B and C.
    • For this reason, if a particular drawer ID is present in multiple data locations, it is recommended that the drawer properties to designate the drawer as a contributor to NetClient CS only be marked for that drawer ID within a single data location.
  3. Considerations when moving or copying drawer data using the Copy Drawers utility.  These points may be relevant concerning item 2 above:
    • If a drawer is copied or moved to a data location, it will retain the property to designate as a contributor to NetClient CS within the destination location.
    • If a document is individually marked to contribute to NetClient CS within document properties, it will retain this folder association within the destination location when copied or moved.
    • If a folder that is globally selected to contribute to NetClient CS (Setup / System Configuration / NetClient CS) is copied or moved, it will not be selected globally to contribute to NetClient CS in the destination location.

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