Restoring data from a backup into applications in Virtual Office CS or SaaS

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To restore data into most applications that run in the Virtual Office CS environment, follow these steps. 

If your firm set up multiple data locations for client data, please contact our Web Services Support team for assistance with restoring data.


  • You cannot restore data for the following applications through NetFirm CS: Accounting CS, Financial Analysis CS, Practice CS, and ToolBox CS. Microsoft Office documents and data stored on the Archive (W) drive cannot be restored though this process. To restore client data into these applications, contact CS Support.
  • NetClient CS data such as FileExchange or Document presentation cannot be restored from a backup.
  • You might find that older backups of data from CS Professional Suite applications are not available to restore through NetFirm CS. To restore older data, contact CS Support.
  1. Verify that no one is working with the client data you will restore.
  2. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, click the Restore Data link in the Utilities section.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, you don’t have access to this area.

  3. In the Data Type section, select Virtual Office CS.
  4. In the Virtual Office CS Application section, select the application into which you will restore data.
  5. In the Client section, select the client whose data you will restore.
  6. Click the appropriate option.
    Option Description
    Most Recent Select this option to restore the most recent data backup for the client.
    Specific Date Opens a calendar in which you can select the date from which you will restore client data. opens. Use the calendar to select the date from which you will restore client data.
    Undo Last Restore

    Select this option to undo the last restore of the client data.

    Note: This option is available only if you recently restored client data.

  7. Click Enter.

Note: If you restored a client or drawer that was deleted, then the client list will need to be restored in Help > Repair.

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Internal notes

Virtual Client Office (VCO) Data for FileCabinet CS, Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook .pst files can only be restored by CitrixPortalTech (CPT). Complete the Template for Restoring Data Backups on VO/SaaS or CBS ASP to email the request to CitrixPortalTech. If you're using Internet Explorer, use this template.

For information on time-frame expectations, see Internal: Setting Proper Time-Frame Expectations for Web Services.

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