Troubleshooting pushing to Document Presentation from FileCabinet CS

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Document Presentation is a feature that allows you to present documents that are stored in FileCabinet CS to your NetClient CS users. In some cases, it may appear as if FileCabinet CS may not be pushing the documents up to the portals. Below are some considerations and troubleshooting steps to explore when this occurs.

Considerations for Document Presentation

UltraTax CS Returns

If you are experiencing this issue specifically with returns from UltraTax CS, confirm at least one component has been selected in the "Components of the UltraTax CS tax return you wish to transmit to NetClient CS" section.

  1. In FileCabinet CS, click on the Setup menu, and in the drop down, select System Configuration.
  2. In the System Configuration window, click on the NetClient CS tab.
  3. On the right side of this window, make sure that at least one UltraTax CS return component has been checked. If nothing is selected here, no data from these returns will be sent to the portal.

Embedded Documents

Verify the documents in question are not embedded (with the exception of embedded PDFs). The transmittal process converts documents into PDFs if they are not already in that format, and because embedded Microsoft Office documents cannot be converted into a PDF in a single step within FileCabinet CS, they cannot be pushed to the portals through Document Presentation.

Instead, either print a static version of this document into FileCabinet CS before attempting to send it to the portals, or use an alternate method to send it to the client (e.g. - File Exchange, Send to Email).

Archived Documents

FileCabinet CS allows specified documents to be archived in a different location while still being able to access it through the drawer in it's original data location. However, part of the functionality lost for the document when archiving it is that it can no longer be pushed to NetClient CS through Document presentation. Confirm that the documents in question are in your "live" data, and have not been archived.


Pushing documents from FileCabinet CS to NetClient CS uses CS Connect, which requires an internet connection. If you receive a specific error referencing CS Connect, or believe the issue may be related to connectivity, see Troubleshooting connectivity for CS Professional Suite applications.

Multiple Data locations

FileCabinet CS supports the ability to transmit to Document Presentation from multiple data locations within the program. However, if a drawer exists in multiple locations and is set as a contributor to NetClient CS in two or more of them, this can cause a conflict as multiple sets of a single drawer ID's data cannot exist in the portal. Confirm this is not the case with the drawer(s) in question.

For more information, see Multiple Data Locations and Document Presentation.


When pushing documents to Document Presentation, they will often be available to view in the portal within a few minutes. However, depending on the size of the documents, the number of documents being uploaded, your connection and what may already be queued through CS Connect, this process may take longer. Be sure to allow for this potential delay before attempting to resend the documents.

Other Considerations

Force Retransfer

If the documents have not been pushed up to NetClient CS after giving the upload sufficient time and also taking into account all the above considerations, it may be necessary to move on to some more thorough and advanced troubleshooting. It may be necessary to clean up the files related to this process in FileCabinet CS' file structure and then perform what is known as a Force Retransfer for the drawer(s) in question.

  1. In your workstation's File Explorer, navigate to X:\WinCSI\FCabSys\Upload\Portal (where X:\ represents where the program was installed) and delete any files.
  2. While still in the File Explorer, navigate to X:\WinCSI\FCabSys\Download\Portal (where X:\ represents where the program was installed) and delete any files.
  3. Back in FileCabinet CS, highlight the drawer in question, and then select the {NetClient} folder.
  4. In the next window that displays, under the transmission history, click the Force Retransfer button.
  5. Click OK in the dialog window that pops up.
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for any other drawers experiencing this issue.
  7. The status for these drawers will now show as "Forced" under File > NetClient CS, and can be transmitted to Document Presentation (either manually, or through the automatic transmission process if it has been set up).

This will push all documents in the NetClient folder for these drawers up to the the portals, regardless of whether any of the documents had previously been pushed to Document Presentation or not. This may cause a delay in the amount of time this takes, depending on the number of documents that are currently in that folder.

Internal notes

If you assist a firm with this issue and it cannot be resolved through the above steps, consider these additional steps:

  • Verify that you are able to send to Document Presentation with your internal firm ID.
  • Look in CS Connect logs to verify the firm connected and pushed documents to Document Presentation
  • Have the user browse out to X:\WinCSI\Cabinet\updates\data and delete the .act file if present.  This file designates which user's workstation is doing the uploading through CS Connect.

    Note: If this resolves the issue, then either the issue was temporary, or was caused by something related to a specific user that the firm will want to consider troubleshooting further

  • If background services are being used to push data to NetClient CS, potentially getting and reviewing the FCABAPP.LOGCSI and FCAB.LOGCSI log files may be helpful.

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