UltraTax CS: Availability of prior years on Virtual Office CS or SaaS

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Firms using UltraTax CS on Virtual Office CS or SaaS are provided the current tax year plus previous 9 years.

Note: The IRS can only request returns dating back seven years.

Should you choose to back up data from prior years of UltraTax, please see Backing up items in UltraTax CS. Note that when backing up data locally from Virtual Office CS, you will use the V: Drive.

If your Virtual Office CS screen contains application icons that you rarely use, you can hide the icons.  For more information, see Hiding application icons in the Virtual Office CS screen.

If you would like information on activating states in UltraTax CS in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment, see Migrating UltraTax CS data to Virtual Office CS or SaaS

Internal notes

If a VO or SaaS firm is missing any of the past 10 years, support and CS reps can request prior years of UltraTax CS to be loaded for no charge. Email the Firm ID and requested years to CitrixPortalTech (CPT) at cs.citrixportaltech@thomson.com.

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