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Alerts and notices

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Access the Online Product Status page, which reports the current status of the online product(s) your firm owns.

Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
08/13/20 VO/SAAS All Verified 08/13/20 Fixed Virtual Office CS and SaaS applications are currently unavailable for some customers
Virtual Office CS and SaaS applications are currently unavailable for some customers. We're sorry for the disruption, our product and technology teams are working to fix this as soon as possible.

Please check for the latest updates.

07/31/20 Notification Emails All Notice 07/31/20 Notice Sender Email Name Change
There was an update to the email notifications that are received by your clients and your firm on 07/31/2020. To help combat the automatic notification emails from getting blocked by the recipients Spam Filter, we have changed the FROM email address to Thomson Reuters, with an associated email address of When someone replies to one of these automatic notification emails, the reply email will still go to a member of your firm, depending on your firms individual settings. Please see the following User Bulletin regarding the update and additional links to helpful information: User Bulletin 2020.1.0
07/29/20 Virtual Office/Right Networks All Notice 07/29/20 Notice Changes with Right Networks
You may have recently received an email from Right Networks about discontinuing the Thomson channel. We have spoken with Right Networks and the message was sent in error. Right Networks will still work through Virtual Office after 09/01/2020. The change that is happening is how you are being billed for Right Networks access. Instead of being billed for the service through Thomson Reuters, you will be invoiced directly from Right Networks. We are still working on the specifics, so please refer back to this notice periodically. You could also contact Right Networks to work out the specifics about your account.
07/24/20 Idea Incubator ALL Notice 07/24/20 N/A Certificate Error when Logging into the Idea Incubator
We are receiving reports of the following error when signing into the Idea Incubator:

Single Sign on Failure: SAML response missing X.509 Certificate

To correct this issue, please use the following link for the Idea Incubator:

httpS:// You can also refresh the page, but you may need to enter your credentials again.

07/07/20 VO/SAAS All Verified 07/07/20 Investigating Virtual Office/SaaS programs freezing
We are aware that users are running into "Not Responding" messages when accessing programs inside of the Virtual Office and SaaS environments. We are actively investigating the issue with high priority and will post an update as soon as we have more information. As a workaround, please use the Log Off Applications Utility to close programs that are giving a "Not Responding" message.
We are still gathering information regarding this issue. Please confirm the following information for users reporting this issue:
Were they working in the program and it went to not responding and they tried closing the session? If so, what were they doing?
Were they working the day before and walked away from the computer for the evening and left programs open? If so, what were they doing?
Were they working in the morning, logged out for lunch and came back to problem? If so, what were they doing?
Any other details that seem odd with the situation?
04/06/20 WebBuilder CS All Notice 04/06/20 Notice COVID-19 Resources
We will be sending a special COVID-19 newsletter to all firms and their clients this week. The newsletter will only be sent to current monthly newsletter subscribers for firms that have Monthly Newsletter set to 'On'.
03/02/20 FileCabinet CS 2019.1.2 Verified 03/09/20 Investigating Scanning Causing FileCabinet CS To Close Down.
We are aware that some Fujitsu scanner models are causing FileCabinet CS to close down abruptly with no error message. From what has been reported to date, we are seeing that the fi-6130 model is most frequently causing the crashing.
Please check your version of Office to confirm that it is on version 12430 or an older version. If your version of Office is currenly on version 12527 or newer, please try another model of scanner as a workaround. 
02/21/20 Webbuilder CS All Verified 02/27/20 Investigating ShareFile Accesss Denied message
If you are receiving Access Denied message while logging into your ShareFile portal from your Web Builder CS website, this is due to ShareFile implementing MFA for your account and the login form no longer working. Please go to and login there. MFA was forced on your account but not your client accounts. Your client's can still go to your Web Builder CS website and login fine. We are working with ShareFile on any possible resolution. We can also update your Web Builder CS website so that when the Client Login page is clicked it opens up and login there.
10/31/18 Platform Notice Notice 12/16/19 N/A Certificate or Socket error on a Thomson Reuters site

Thomson Reuters' certificate vendor has changed. As a result, you may receive a certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site. To clear the error and view our sites, work with your IT professional to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply any outstanding Windows updates to the machine(s) experiencing the issue.
  2. If your firm restricts automatic root certificate updates, add COMODO RSA Certificate Authority to your trusted root.

As a workaround, you can click the option in your browser to continue to the site after receiving the certificate error. The wording and location of this option varies depending on the browser.

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