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Alerts and notices

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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
01/11/20 Virtual Office All Fixed 01/11/20 Fixed Issues opening applications within Virtual Office CS
We are currently experiencing issues where some users are unable to load applications in Virtual Office CS. We are currently working to resolve this at the highest of priority.
12/30/19 Virtual Office N/A Investigating 1/3/20 Investigating Printing Stopping and Starting on VO Applications

Development is aware of some firms reporting issues with printing being slow or will start and then stop after a few pages.  This is mostly happening within 2019 UltraTax CS for tax returns and organizers.

Workaround: While Development continues to investigate this issue, within 2019 UltraTax CS you can do the following steps (not guaranteed to work for everyone).

Go to Setup > Office Configuration > Print Options and select the Page Layout and Shading button.

For tax returns, change Shading to None in the Gov't, Client, and Preparer tabs.

For Organizers, change Shading to None under the Organizer tab.

Go to Help | Repair | Misc and check “Minimize printer driver interaction. (Last resort for driver malfunction where every page is offset.)”

12/16/19 All N/A In Progress 12/16/19 Fixed Invalid PIN Error Message
When downloading licenses within the CS Professional Suite, you may receive an error message telling you "Invalid PIN for FirmID XXXXXX". We are investigating this issue and hope to have it resolved quickly. Please refer back to this notice with updated information.
12/16/19 Virtual Office All In Progress 12/16/19 In Progress Unable to launch applications in Virtual Office

If you are unable to launch applications in Virtual Office, please uninstall Citrix and install the new version of Citrix Receiver. Here are instructions on that process: Upgrade Citrix Receiver

If customers still cannot launch applications after installing 4.12 Citrix Receiver, please check to make sure that the Citrix that downloaded for the customer was indeed 4.12 Citrix Receiver and NOT VOCitrixWeb. If they are still getting the older version of Citrix in their NetStaff CS portal, please see the Web CF to resolve this.
10/31/18 Platform Notice Notice 12/16/19 N/A Certificate or Socket error on a Thomson Reuters site

Thomson Reuters' certificate vendor has changed. As a result, you may receive a certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site. To clear the error and view our sites, work with your IT professional to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply any outstanding Windows updates to the machine(s) experiencing the issue.
  2. If your firm restricts automatic root certificate updates, add COMODO RSA Certificate Authority to your trusted root.

As a workaround, you can click the option in your browser to continue to the site after receiving the certificate error. The wording and location of this option varies depending on the browser.

12/12/19 Platform All Resolved 12/13/19 Resolved Email and Notification Issue

Currently we are experiencing some issues with email delivery. This issue affects Virtual Office CS, Onvio, OnBalance and NetFirm CS. You may see some bouncebacks of emails or error messages when registering a netclient portal or when attempting to reset a password via email. We are working diligently to resolve this issue. Please refer back here for up-to-date information on this issue.

*UPDATE*This issue has been resolved. As of last night, there was still a pretty significant delay because of a backlog of emails. You should see emails start to trickle in and the processes that require emails should work as expected. Please let support know if you are still having issues.

12/12/19 Virtual Office All Resolved 12/16/19 Resolved Outdated Operating System Message

With the end of support coming for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, last night we updated the software to identify if the program(s) is being run on an unsupported operating system. However, this message was not intended for our Virtual Office customers. We are looking into this issue and we will have it resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can click through the warning message to get into the program(s).

11/27/19 NetFirm CS All Investigating 11/27/19 Investigating November File Exchange Activity Report Not Populating

Currently there is an issue with the File Exchange Activity Report not pulling the activity for the month of November. We are investigating this issue and are working diligently to resolve it.

11/18/19 Multi-Factor Authentication All Notice 11/18/19 Notice An Error has Occurred in the Script on this Page

After signing into a CS Professional Suite program, an error may show stating:

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 4

Char: 40662

Error: Unable to get property 'data' of undefined or null reference

Code: 0

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

This script error is showing instead of the prompt "Your password is expiring. You have "X" days left before your password expires. Please update your password."

To correct this message, log into the relevant website, either or and log in. You will then be prompted with the password expiring message and can change your password.

Please see Expiring Password Information for more information.

10/31/19 MFA All Fixed 10/31/19 Fixed Error Loading User Token

Update: This has been resolved, you can now enable, disable, or generate a temporary code for multi-factor authentication.

Currently if you try to enable, disable, or generate a temporary code for multi-factor authentication through you will receive "Error loading user or mfa token". We are investigating the issue and working diligently to resolve it.

10/25/19 Virtual Office All Investigating 10/25/19 Investigating Trust relationship message when launching applications

"The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed" We are investigating the issue and working diligently to resolve it. If you receive this message, please close the message and attempt to launch your Virtual Office application again.

10/24/19 Virtual Office & Practice CS All Verified 10/24/19 TBD Practice CS passwords in Virtual Office

Some users are currently experiencing password is incorrect messages when trying to log into Practice CS on Virtual Office. We are reviewing the cause of this issue.

Users effected by this would be able to gain entry to the program by having a staff member with administrator privileges login into Practice CS, selecting the Setup menu, then selecting Staff, and clicking the Reset Password button on the Security tab of the effected staff member.


The staff member should then be able to place their staff ID without a password in on the login screen and will be prompted to create a new password.

10/03/19 Virtual Office All Notice 10/03/19 Printing blank pages after installing Windows 10 update

This issue appears to be related to Windows 10 update KB4524148 released on 10/3/19. It appears to be causing blank pages to preview and print in Virtual Office CS and SaaS applications. For some deleting the Windows update KB4524148 worked. For others clearing the Temp directory, resetting windows's print spooler, or minimizing the print driver interaction in Help > Repair > Misc in the UltraTax CS program have resulted in print functions returning to normal.

06/05/19 Web Builder CS All Verified 08/29/19 TBD Monthly Newsletter not Sending.

We are aware of an issue with the monthly newsletter not being sent for some firms automatically. Report the firm with their WBID and the last time they received the newsletter to the Web Builder CS Teams Chat for them to receive a newsletter via a manual push.

08/23/19 PPC Smart Practice Aids 2019 Verified 09/17/19 Fixed Missing or installed incorrectly message with PPC Smart Practice Aids engagements

In PPC Smart Practice Aids, when creating a new engagement or rolling forward an engagement with either the Compilation and Review Engagements (5/19) or Construction Contractors (5/19) Practice Aids titles, you may receive the following message.

This title is either installed incorrectly or is not configured properly. Please uninstall and reinstall the title.

If a firm continues to report this issue, please reach out to Bill Soderman and provide him the firm ID to manually run the update.
07/30/19 Platform All Notice 08/01/19 Notice This feature has been disabled by your administrator

When attempting to open Outlook in the Virtual Office you may receive this message: "This feature has been disabled by your administrator". This is caused by using a 3rd party hosted Microsoft Exchange email in Outlook.

A 3rd party exchange setup not a supported configuration in the Virtual Office or Software as a Service. We recommend switching to a POP3 or IMAP setup, see Configuring Outlook to receive POP3 or IMAP emails for more information.

07/19/19 NetFirm CS All Verified 07/31/19 Fixed Server error when viewing or downloading portal documents

Some firms may receive this error when attempting to download or view documents in Employee Self Service, Document Presentation, and File Exchange. To resolve this issue, see the Web CF with the following information.

  1. Firm ID
  2. Types of documents, can be multiple - ESS, FE, Doc Pres
07/25/19 Platform Notice Notice 07/25/19 N/A Hiding Applications or Re-Ordering in Virtual Office is Not Retaining Changes

Currently, there is a known issue where the function to hide applications or re-order applications in Virtual Office is not working for some firms. We are aware of the issue and are working diligently to resolve the issue.

05/30/19 Web Builder CS All Verified 05/30/19 Fixed Erroneous Code at the Top of Your Website

We are aware of an issue where some Web Builder CS websites are displaying some Erroneous code at the top of the website. We are working diligently to resolve the issue.

05/09/19 Password Reset Issue All Verified 05/09/19 In Progress "An Error Occurred" after resetting NetStaff CS password

We are aware of an issue where applications in Virtual Office will no longer show on the dashboard after a password reset is performed. We are investigating the issue and working as diligently as possible to resolve it.

If a customer is experiencing issues seeing apps on their machine, have them reset their password again, we have noticed issues with very long passwords as well as passwords containing some special characters.

04/29/19 Login Errors All Fixed 04/29/19 Fixed Website Login Issues/Deactivated Account

We are aware of various login issues when logging into as well as the applications including account deactivated messages being experienced by some customers. Our Development team is looking into the matter. Please see the links below for additional troubleshooting steps and resolutions.

Troubleshooting application or website login errors for CS Professional Suite

Deleting temporary internet files or cached files

04/18/19 Web Builder CS Notice Verified 04/24/19 Fixed FileShare for Web Builder Admins - Unable to login

We have received reports that Admins using FileShare for Web Builder are unable to login through their Web Builder CS websites. We are aware of this issue and working on implementing a fix for the issue. In the interim, please login directly at

This issue does not impact clients and is only related to the Administrator login for FileShare for Web Builder.

09/12/18 Security N/A Verified 09/12/18 TBD NetFirm CS Emergency access codes staying active too long.

The emergency access codes for NetFirm CS are acting like a 24 hour access code right now. If you use an emergency code to log in, remove all devices, turn off MFA, and then log back in; you'll be prompted to check your device. The best way to get around this is to use up all 10 of the emergency access codes. After the last one has been used up, MFA will turn off (as long as there isn't a TR-provided access code active).

Remember! With MFA inactive, e-files cannot be transmitted from UltraTax CS.

The way it is supposed to work is that after all devices have been removed from an account, all access codes should also be removed so the customer does not have to complete MFA at the next login.

08/09/18 Security N/A Notice 08/09/18 N/A User experience enhancements for CS Professional Suite

As a CS Professional Suite customer, we are informing you that as part of our ongoing efforts to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape, in early August 2018 we will update UltraTax CS to include multi-factor authentication (MFA) user experience improvements, enhancements to our file encryption-at-rest process, and updates for global data privacy requirements. This update follows our implementation of MFA in all CS Professional Suite products in February 2017, with further enhancements in 2018 including requiring MFA to electronically file tax returns. This update will require no action on your part.

There will be an "Encrypting data sharing" dialog that appears the first time a customer opens UltraTax 2017. If customers ask about this dialog, our positioning statement is: "This is part of our file encryption-at-rest process enhancements related to this update." This is a one-time process that will take 3 seconds/client for desktop installations and a little longer for VO/SaaS.

As of late August 2018, various applications are being updated so that data sharing with UltraTax 17 should work normally. Refer to specific products' alerts and notices pages for specifics. With this update, data sharing information out of UltraTax CS 2017 to other CS applications will be collected and held until an update later this month, at which point the information collected will be data shared as usual. Prior versions of UltraTax (16 and earlier) will not data share to or from other CS applications in any environment.

As part of this update, customers may be prompted to update .NET framework or their web browser. If so, have them follow the prompts on their screen. Customers will be given a link to Installing an updated .NET Framework. Direct customers to their IT professional if they need additional assistance updating .NET or their web browser.

07/13/18 Virtual Office Notice 07/13/18 File downloads blocked for most sites in VO

We have been monitoring profile sizes and noticed a trend of profiles becoming quite large do to downloads or installs being done directly to the user profile.  To limit this we have decided to restrict file downloads in the VO IE browser that opens when clicking a hyperlink in a VO session.  This means that any legitimate sites a user needs to download from will need to be configured as either a trusted site or a site that we redirect the users local browser.

We’ve done some testing with product dev and we believe we have all of these sites accounts for.  That being said our team will be watching ADO 1475307 for any new sites that are called out.

If the user is getting the pop-up message, "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" then they are attempting to download from an untrusted site.

When talking to users you can communicate that this change was made to limit profile sizes and the possibility of profiles becoming corrupt.  We also need to prevent the accidental install of malicious software to a user’s profile by clicking a bad hyperlink in an email.

If you have a site a user would like added please enter it into the TFS with the following information.

  1. URL to allow including any wildcards (ex.  https://*
  2. FirmID requesting
  3. Call out if any of our products that have direct integration with this site.
  4. What specifically they need to download from the site.

 The above information will help us quickly determine if the site would be added to the trusted or redirected list.

01/24/18 ALL N/A Verified 01/24/18 N/A Phishing E-mail
There has been a confirmed phishing e-mail being sent to CS Professional Suite users from Below is a facsimile of the email being received.


Your account has been Approved, you are all set but do not forget to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

CLICK HERE to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

*Link Expires in 24 hours

If you speak with a customer that has received this e-mail, please contact the Support-Incident Management team.

12/12/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 1/8/18

Screen flicker when attempting to enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Some users with a % or & in their password may experience a flickering screen when entering their password to enable MFA and the enable process will not complete.

Workaround: change the password to use a different special character and proceed with enabling MFA.

12/7/17 Web Builder File Share, Onvio, Practice Forward or MyPay account N/A Notice 12/7/17 N/A

Linked Accounts Temporarily Disabled

Linked Accounts in Onvio have been proactively disabled for the time being in order to track down an issue. This can affect users with accounts linked to Web Builder File Share, Onvio, Practice forward or MyPay accounts. The Linked account drop-down will be unavailable when the user logs in and also during the registration process. If users contact Support about missing linked accounts, please send the following information to the TRTA Professional Platform Analysts group. Linked Firm IDs What Firm IDs were linked (ex: 999 linked to 123) Login (email address) with missing linked accounts

11/28/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 11/28/17 N/A

Firm delegate and License PIN

As firms update their license PIN, update address, contacts, and other processes that require a Licensee, a Firm Delegate cannot be assigned in the absence of the licensee. The Firm Delegate option is only available for firms that are a NONA (non-accounting) type or an Enterprise type firm. For more details on firm types, see the Internal: Firm types article. For more information on the Delegate process, see the Modifying the firm delegate role article.

06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomeware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

03/14/17 VO/SaaS N/A Notice 03/14/17 N/A Emails sent from Outlook on VO/SaaS are delayed or not sending (not applicable to Exchange users)

1. You may be using old email settings. Please see the following topic for instructions on how to properly configure your POP3 account: Configuring Outlook 2016 to receive POP3 email in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment .

2. If you would prefer to send email from Outlook on VO/SaaS but not receive email, please follow the steps in this topic: Configuring a POP3 account to send only in Microsoft Outlook in Virtual Office/SaaS.