Removing client companies from the CBS Master License

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Due to the discontinuation of support for Client Bookkeeping Solution on June 1, 2017, we have removed the ability to add hosted CBS clients.

To remove a client company from the CBS Master License, follow these steps.

  1. Back up the company database.

    When you delete a hosted CBS company from the Master License, NetFirm CS removes the company database from all logins; the database is no longer accessible.

  2. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, click the CBS Clients link in the NetClient CS section.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, you don’t have access to this area.

  3. In the CBS Clients list, enter any part of the client company name in the Find field, and click the company name. NetFirm CS displays the company’s information on the right.

    Tip: Delete the entry from the Find field to view the full list of CBS client companies.

  4. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the list.
  5. Click OK to confirm the deletion.
  6. If you use a desktop (local) installation of Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA), install the updated CBS Master License. If you run CSA through Virtual Office CS, we will install the updated Master License for you within an hour of when you complete these steps.

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