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Through NetClient CS, you can provide your clients with secure, static PDF files that they can view, download, and print. For example, you can deliver electronic copies of documents, such as tax returns, financial statements, and payroll reports, in a secure environment without jeopardizing privacy.

You can send documents to NetClient CS from FileCabinet CS , GoSystem Tax RS, and UltraTax CS . You can print files to FileCabinet CS from any locally installed application.

When you send files to NetClient CS, the user can find the files through links under the Documents heading in the navigation pane. The links are named by entity. The NetClient CS user will see a New indicator to the right of the link that contains the new file, and he can follow the New indicators through the folder structure to the new file.

You can also give your staff access to specific clients’ documents through NetStaff CS. NetStaff CS users can access the documents by clicking the Document Presentation link under the Documents heading in the NetStaff CS tab of the navigation pane.

Setting up FileCabinet CS drawers to send documents to NetClient CS

Note for local installations of FileCabinet CS : To use Document Presentation, you must be licensed for and have installed the latest version of FileCabinet CS. You should have received an updated FileCabinet CS license via email when you purchased your NetFirm CS license .

To make documents available through NetClient CS for the first time, complete the steps in the following FileCabinet CS topics.

Setting up Document Presentation permissions for NetStaff CS and NetClient CS users

See the following help topics for more information on modifying access to Document Presentation files.

Modifying a NetStaff CS user’s access to Document Presentation files

Modifying a NetClient CS user’s access to Document Presentation files

View videos

To view a series of videos that show the steps required to make files that are stored in FileCabinet CS available to NetClient CS users, click the following links.

Providing firm files to NetStaff CS users through Document Presentation

You can provide staff members with access to firm documents through NetStaff CS. For example, you can create a drawer in FileCabinet CS named "STAFF," designate the drawer as a NetClient CS contributor, place firm documents in the drawer, and give NetStaff CS users access to the drawer.

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