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Remote Payroll enables you to provide your clients with secure online access to enter payroll data at their convenience and make the payroll data available to your firm instantly.


When your clients enter payroll data remotely, you start by exporting an electronic payroll worksheet from CSA to the client’s portal. Your client then logs in to his private NetClient CS portal, updates the employee information, and completes the electronic timesheet. You then retrieve the information from the client’s portal directly into CSA and process the client’s payroll without having to enter any additional data.

Setup information

If your firm is new to Remote Payroll or if the NetClient CS user’s company had not yet been added as a client in CSA the last time you uploaded payroll worksheets from CSA to NetClient CS, you need to upload payroll worksheets before you can give NetClient CS users permission to enter payroll data remotely.

In CSA, choose Utilities > Remote Payroll Export, enter the necessary information, and click the Connect Now button.

When you place this call to CS Connect, CSA sends the client’s payroll worksheet and a list of your payroll clients to NetFirm CS administration. You can then give NetClient CS users access to Remote Payroll for the appropriate payroll clients.

Note for local and network installations of CSA: Your firm must be licensed for and you must have installed the latest version of CSA. To obtain the latest version, you must download and apply the latest updates from CS Connect. If you need an updated license file to enable Remote Payroll, we will send the updated file to your firm through CS Connect.

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Additional information for you and your clients

You can find information for both you and your clients about Remote Payroll in the CSA topic Using the Remote Payroll Entry service with NetClient CS portals and CS Connect. This topic describes the entire remote data entry process from both the accountant’s and the client’s perspectives.

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