Giving a NetClient CS user access to the Legal and Business Forms feature

Only NetStaff CS users who have access to NetClient CS administration can perform this task.

  1. Click the Admin tab in the navigation pane.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, you don’t have access to this area.

  2. Click the Users link in the NetClient CS section.
  3. Select the appropriate user in the NetClient CS users list.

    Tip: To search for a user, enter his first name, last name, or login in the Find field at the top of the Users list. You can also click a column in the Users list to sort the list.

  4. In the Permissions section of the Users screen, click the Enable button for Legal and Business Forms.
  5. Mark the checkbox for each form that the NetClient CS user needs to access.

    Tip: You can filter the list of forms by clicking a forms category on the left or by clicking the buttons under Filter Options.

  6. Click Enter.

    Note: If you later disable the user’s access to the Legal and Business Forms feature, the application will remove the form. The form will no longer be available to you or to the user.

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