Using multiple monitors in the Virtual Client Office environment

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If you usually use a computer that has multiple monitors to access applications that run in the Virtual Client Office environment, you might have moved some of the applications to a monitor other than the primary monitor. If you then log in to your portal from a computer that has only one monitor and you attempt to open applications that you last viewed in a non-primary monitor, you might not be able to see those applications.

The easiest way to avoid this issue is to move applications that run in the Virtual Client Office environment to the primary monitor before closing them.

If you do not move the applications to the primary monitor before closing them, follow these steps to access applications that were last opened in a non-primary monitor.

  1. Close all applications that are running in the Virtual Client Office environment.
  2. Open the application that you aren’t able to view, and wait for the log on process to finish running.
  3. Right-click the Citrix Receiver icon and choose About. (The icon is minimized in the system tray, which is on the right side of the Windows taskbar.)
  4. In the About Citrix Receiver window, click Advanced and then click the Connection Center link.
  5. Highlight the server name, which displays as a series of letters and numbers, and then click the Full Screen button.
  6. Press ALT+F on your keyboard to open the File menu and then press the left arrow key to open the System menu.
  7. In the System menu, highlight Move and press ENTER.
  8. Press and hold the left arrow key until you can see the application window. When the window is in the desired position, press ENTER.

    Tip: If the monitor in which you last viewed the application is not to the right of that computer’s primary monitor, you will need to press the appropriate arrow key on your keyboard. For example, if you last viewed the application in a monitor that is positioned to the left of the primary monitor, you must press the right arrow key to bring the application into view.

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