Accessing and participating in the NetFirm CS Ideas Community

Alerts and notices

To access the NetFirm CS Ideas Community, click the Help menu in any screen and choose NetFirm CS Ideas Community.

If prompted, enter the email address and password that you defined when you registered for the NetFirm CS Ideas Community, and then click Log In. If you haven’t already, you can register for the Ideas Communities by clicking the Register link.

Submitting an idea

As a member of the ideas community, you have a valuable opportunity to interact with the NetFirm CS Development team by providing suggestions to improve the software tools you use in your firm. To add new idea, complete the following steps.

  1. Click the Add New Idea button.
  2. Enter a title for and a detailed description of your idea in the fields provided. Describe your suggestion clearly so that other customers and our Development team can understand the suggestion.
  3. Select a category for the idea from the Campaign drop-down list.
  4. Enter relevant search terms in the Tags field (optional). This will help others find your suggestion.
  5. Use the Attachment field to provide additional documents that are relevant to your suggestion (optional).
  6. Click Submit to save and post your idea for other customers and for our Development staff to review.

Voting and commenting on ideas

You can vote by agreeing or disagreeing with any idea in the NetFirm CS Ideas Community. Increase the visibility of the ideas that are most important to your firm by clicking the Up arrow (I Agree) button. Ideas with broad, consensus approval are more likely to be taken into consideration by our Development team.

To vote on an idea, click the Up arrow (I Agree) or Down arrow (I Disagree) buttons on the left side of the suggestion.

To enter a comment, click the suggestion title and then scroll to the bottom of the Comments tab, add a relevant comment and an attachment, which is optional, and then click the Submit Comment button.

Viewing the status of an idea

Campaign Funnels provide a way to view a filtered list of ideas that have been assigned to one of the following status categories.

  • Active: Ideas that have not yet been reviewed by our Development team. At this stage, the Development team can ask questions and provide comments for further clarification related to the idea. Note that to avoid duplicating ideas, we recommend that you review the list of active suggestions before you submit your own.
  • In Review: Ideas that are likely to be addressed by our Development team in an upcoming patch or release. Ideas that are In Review can also include unintended issues that may occur after a release of the application that require an immediate patch. Note that we strive to address ideas In Review within a single release cycle.
  • In Progress: Ideas that we have fully implemented and tested in our internal builds of the application and that are scheduled to be released in the next cycle.
  • Completed: Ideas that we have implemented and released.

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