Migrating Accounting CS data to Virtual Office CS or SaaS

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To place a copy of your Accounting CS SQL database within Virtual Office CS or SaaS, follow these instructions.

Accounting CS only allows one database, but you can merge data from multiple databases using the Client Data Management Utility. For more information, see Appropriate uses of the Client Data Management Utility.

  1. Create a backup of your Accounting CS database. For instructions, see Backing up the firm database.
  2. Contact support to make arrangements to send the data.

    Support Reps: It is very important that you provide your contact information on this call so the firm can contact you once the data is available on the Secure Data Exchange.

    Internal: Using MKT for Secure Data Exchange

    If the file size is under 2GB, get the file through MKT. If more than 2GB, but less than 4GB, get the file using Send This File. If the file is larger than 4GB, send the Split this file utility to the user to break the file up into 1GB chunks that can be uploaded and then reassembled once they are downloaded. This is taken from the following help topic. http://cs.thomsonreuters.com/ua/acct_pr/acs/cs_us_en/kb_internal/restoring-customer-sql-data-for-testing.htm

  3. Upload the SQL database to your Secure Data Exchange. For instructions, see Uploading data to Secure Data Exchange.
  4. Contact Support at 800-968-0600, then press options 1,7,1 to let us know your SQL database has been uploaded.

Note: There will be a 24-48 hour turnaround before your SQL data is available in the CS Application.

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