Backing up plan data into FileCabinet CS automatically

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If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS, Planner CS can automatically back up your plan data into FileCabinet CS. The backups occur when you close a plan. By default, a maximum of three backups per client are stored in FileCabinet CS, with a maximum of one backup retained in FileCabinet CS per day. To enable this feature or change the default settings, complete the following steps.

  1. Choose Tools > FileCabinet CS Options.
  2. In the FileCabinet CS Options dialog, mark the Automatically backup plan data to FileCabinet CS checkbox.
  3. Make any other desired changes using the fields in this dialog.

    Note: If the Prompt for a user-entered comment for each backup checkbox is marked, the Archive Client dialog opens each time you close a plan. Use the Archive Client dialog to elect whether or not to back up the plan to FileCabinet CS and to enter a comment or description to be stored with the plan.

  4. Click OK to close the FileCabinet CS Options dialog.


  • When plan data is automatically backed up to FileCabinet CS, a year-specific folder is created under the plan ID in the FileCabinet CS Folders Window. To specify which year (first plan year, last plan year, or current calendar year) is entered in the folder name for plans associated with a specific preparer, choose Tools > Setup Preparers to open the Preparer Options dialog, click the Add or Edit button to a enter or modify a preparer's information, and select the type of year in FileCabinet CS folder year field.
  • When plan data is automatically backed up to FileCabinet CS, the data is backed up to the location selected in the Tools > FileCabinet CS Data Path dialog. The list of available locations is based on data locations entered in FileCabinet CS. If the desired data location is not listed in that dialog, open FileCabinet CS and add the location via the Setup > System Configuration > Data Locations tab.

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