Editing an existing plan's information

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You can edit the general information for an existing plan, such as plan description, first plan year, preparer assigned to the plan, taxpayer and spouse names, taxpayer address, resident state, and nonresident states, and specify whether the plan is a family plan, a single base year plan, or an S Corp Comparison plan.

When you change the first plan year to a later year, the data for any prior year is deleted. Therefore, you may want to back up the plan's data before changing the first plan year.


  • When you convert an existing plan to a family plan, Planner CS deletes all data except the data you specify in the Select Parents Column dialog. Therefore, you may want to back up the plan's data before changing the plan to a family plan.
  • When you convert an existing plan to an S Corp Comparison plan, Planner CS hides years and alternatives that are not relevant to the plan analysis. To unhide this data, clear the S Corp Comparison checkbox in the File > Plan Information dialog, and click OK. This converts the plan to a regular plan.
  • You cannot convert an annualized plan into another type of plan or add a state to an annualized plan. See Annualized plans overview for more information.
  • To change the number of years or alternatives in an open plan, choose Edit > Plan Years > Add or Delete, or choose Edit > Plan Alternatives > Add or Delete.
  1. Open the plan you want to edit.
  2. Choose File > Plan Information to open the Plan Information dialog.
  3. Make your edits and click OK.

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