Entering data in a plan - overview of related information

Alerts and notices

This topic provides links to procedures and reference information for entering data in a plan.

Creating a plan

Adding a plan

Copying a plan

Opening an existing plan

Importing data from UltraTax/1040

Importing data from GoSystem Tax RS

General data-entry information

Main data-entry window overview

Editing an existing plan's information

Entering plan data

Password protecting plan data

Adding or removing a state

Working with alternatives and years

Using the Find Field feature

Using the Find Tab feature

Performing calculations in Planner CS

Turning calculations on or off

Performing an MFS split

Overriding calculated fields and locating overridden fields

Projecting wages from a year-to-date pay stub or single paycheck

Annualized plans overview

Viewing and updating federal interest rates

Entering business activities

Using the Result Finder to solve for data-entry field values