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We issue bulletins to inform you about enhancements, changes, and special issues related to Planner CS.

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View the current bulletin

UB 8581 Planner CS v.2017.3.3 Update and Special Information (9/26/18)

View bulletins for prior 2017 releases

UB 8576 Planner CS v.2017.3.2 Update and Special Information (8/21/18)

UB 8565 Planner CS v.2017.3.1 Update (5/10/18)

UB 8557 Planner CS v.2017.3.0 Update and Special Information (4/18/18)

UB 8550 Planner CS v.2017.2.3 Update and Special Information (3/15/18)

UB 8543 Planner CS v.2017.2.2 Update and Special Information (2/16/18)

UB 8538 Planner CS v.2017.2.1 Update (2/2/18)

UB 8524 Planner CS v.2017.2.0 Update and Special Information (1/30/18)

UB 8516 Planner CS v.2017.1.1 Update (12/20/17)

UB 8509 Planner CS v.2017.1.0 Initial Release (11/20/17)

UB 8508 Planner CS v.2017.1.0 Help and Support Information (11/20/17)

View bulletins for 2016 releases

UB 8496 Planner CS v.2016.2.4 Update (9/28/17)

UB 8493 Planner CS v.2016.2.3 Update (8/16/17)

UB 8472 Planner CS v.2016.2.2 Update (5/4/17)

UB 8465 Planner CS v.2016.2.1 Update (3/28/17)

UB 8462 Planner CS New York v.2016.2.0 Update (3/9/17)

UB 8448 Planner CS v.2016.2.0 Update (2/1/17)

UB 8437 Planner CS v.2016.1.2 Update (1/11/17)

UB 8427 Planner CS v.2016.1.1 Update (12/13/16)

UB 8418 Planner CS v.2016.1.0 Initial Release (11/21/16)

UB 8416 Planner CS v.2016.1.0 Security Enhancements (11/21/16)

UB 8415 Planner CS v.2016.1.0 Help and Support Information (11/21/16)

View bulletins for 2015 releases

UB 8394 Planner CS v.2015.2.7 Software Update (10/17/16)

UB 8393 Planner CS v.2015.2.6 Software Update (9/27/16)

UB 8389 Planner CS v.2015.2.5 Software Update (9/9/16)

UB 8387 Planner CS v.2015.2.4 Software Update (9/7/16)

UB 8377 Planner CS v.2015.2.3 Software Update (8/2/16)

UB 8364 Planner CS v.2015.2.2 Software Update (6/14/16)

UB 8351 Planner CS v.2015.2.1 Software Update (5/4/16)

UB 8341 Planner CS v.2015.2.0 Required Software Update (4/20/16)

UB 8326 Planner CS v.2015.1.3 Software Update (3/18/16)

UB 8318 Planner CS v.2015.1.2 Software Update (2/2/16)

UB 8305 Planner CS v.2015.1.1 Software Update (1/5/16)

UB 8291 Planner CS v.2015.1.0 Initial Release (11/23/15)

UB 8290 Planner CS v.2015.1.0 Help and Support Information (11/23/15)

View bulletins for 2014 releases

UB 8273 Planner CS v.2014.1.5 Software Update (9/28/15)

UB 8258 Planner CS v.2014.1.4 Software Update (7/21/15)

UB 8232 Planner CS Rhode Island v.2014.1.2 Software Update (4/9/15)

UB 8219 Planner CS v.2014.1.3 Software Update (3/20/15)

UB 8218 Planner CS Minnesota v.2014.1.2 Software Update (2/24/15)

UB 8199 Planner CS v.2014.1.2 Software Update (2/3/15)

UB 8186 Planner CS v.2014.1.1 Software Update (12/22/14)

UB 8176 Planner CS v.2014.1.0 Initial Release (11/24/14)

UB 8170 Planner CS v.2014.1.0 Help and Support Information (11/24/14)

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