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General data entry

Why are some fields shaded gray?

Why are amounts in data-entry fields either black, blue, or maroon?

How do I add years to an existing plan?

How do I delete years from a plan?

How do I change the first plan year?

How do I add alternatives to an existing plan?

How do I use the ENTER key (instead of TAB) to move between fields?

How do I calculate plans after turning off automatic calculations?

How do I rename an alternative?

How do I copy the data in all input fields from one year to another?

How do I copy the data of a specific field across all years or alternatives?

How do I view the first plan year as a single base year in my existing plans?

Tax-specific data entry

How do I enter income and expense detail for my business activities?

How do I enter unrecaptured Section 1250 gains (25-percent rate)?

Does Planner CS calculate Section 1202 exclusion amounts?

Where do I enter resident and nonresident state payments?

How do I indicate that state payments are being prepaid?

How do I calculate federal and state quarterly estimated tax payments?

Where do I enter lump-sum retirement distributions eligible for 10-year averaging?

Where can I see the Schedule D tax calculation using maximum capital gains rates?

Importing client data

How do I import data from UltraTax/1040 into Planner CS?

How do I import data from GoSystem Tax RS into Planner CS?

How is joint data treated when it is imported from UltraTax/1040 into Planner CS?

Printing reports, graphs, and letters

How do I print plan data reports, graphs, and letters?

How do I print plan listing reports?

How do I print IRS forms?

How do I remove the page break between each report?

Is there an Analysis report for the state modules?

How do I add a text note to a field or plan and then print the note with my reports?

How do I print a detail statement of data entered in the Allocation window?

How do I change the print orientation of my reports to landscape?

How do I adjust my reports so long alternative names fit within the column?

How do I print reports with the base year in one single column rather than listed under each alternative?


Can I install and add a state to a plan on a PRP basis?

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