Import Client Data dialog

Alerts and notices

This dialog opens when you are importing data from UltraTax/1040.

To open this dialog, choose Utilities > Planner CS (Export) in UltraTax/1040.


New Plan

Click the New Plan option and click OK to open the Import New Plan dialog in Planner CS. See Adding a Plan for more information.

Existing Plan

Click the Existing Plan option and click OK to open the Import to Existing Plan dialog. You cannot export to certain existing plans, such as a TCJA Comparison Plan, Annualized plan, a Family plan, or a plan in which the import year precedes the first plan year.

TCJA Comparison Plan

Click the TCJA Comparison Plan option and click OK to open the Import New Plan dialog. Click OK to create a new plan that illustrates the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) on a client’s income tax liability. This plan has a side-by-side comparison of the client data with and without the TCJA: the 2018 client data with the tax liability calculated under the 2017 law displays in the first column, and the tax liability calculated using the provisions of the TCJA displays in the second column.


  • You may want to edit the plan data after creating the TCJA Comparison Plan. For example, enter the amount of income or loss for the qualified business income deduction for applicable business activities on the Activities > Data Entry button > Qualified Busn Inc tab.
  • The TCJA Comparison Plan includes a third column that displays the difference between the first two columns for each row in the plan. Choose View > Difference Analysis to exclude the Difference Analysis column from the plan.
  • When a TCJA Comparison Plan is open, certain Planner CS menu commands are unavailable. Examples include the MFS Split utility and adding or deleting years or alternatives.

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