Printing plan listing reports

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Plan listing reports summarize various details about your plans, including your clients' contact information, the plans assigned to each preparer, the location and accessibility of plan data, and more.

  1. If a plan is open, close the plan.
  2. Choose Reports > Print Plan Listings.
  3. In the Plan Listing Reports dialog, select one or more plans to include in the report. To do so, highlight an available plan and click the Select button.

    Tip: By default, the list of available plans includes plans assigned to all preparers. To limit the list to plans assigned to a specific preparer, select a preparer from the Show plans assigned to drop-down list.

  4. In the Reports group box, select the type of report you want to create, and if desired, select a category by which to sort the information in the report.

    Click the following links for details about the reports.

    • Client Contact
    • Plan Information
    • Plan Location
  5. To change the destination or the appearance of the printed report, use the options in the Destination and Options group boxes.
  6. Click Print.

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