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To open this dialog and tab, choose Reports > Define Graphs and click the Area Properties tab.


  • To enable the options in this dialog, click Add button to create a new graph, or click the Edit button to modify an existing graph.
  • This tab is only available when the Area graph is selected. Click the Graph Types button to select a different graph type.

Fields & buttons

Area group box

Select a pattern for the area graph from the drop-down list. You may want to apply a pattern to make the area graph easier to read if you are printing on a non-color printer.

Click this button to change how borders are displayed on the graph. You can display or hide the border, change the width and color of the border, and select a border style.

Mark the checkbox and/or select a value to emphasize the lines connecting data points.

Multi Bar group box

Select one of the following options for your graph.

  • None - Displays largest area in background and smallest data in foreground.
  • Stacked - Displays all areas on top of each other.
  • Stacked 100% - Displays each area as a percentage of 100.

Other fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox if you do not want to include a color in the graph's key for the selected graph variable.

Click this button to open the Color dialog, in which you can select a color to use for the areas on your graph.

Note: This button is not available if the Color Each checkbox is marked.

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