Define Graphs dialog > Pie Properties tab

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To open this dialog and tab, choose Reports > Define Graphs and click the Pie Properties tab.


  • To enable the fields in this dialog, highlight a graph in the list and click the Edit button, or click the Add button to add a new graph.
  • This tab is only available when the Point graph is selected. Click the Graph Types button to select a different graph type.

Fields & buttons

Click this button to open the Border Color Editor dialog, in which you select to display the border, change the width and color of the border, and select a border style.

Enter a number in this field or use the arrows to rotate the graph. Lowering the value rotates the graph clockwise; increasing the value rotates the graph counter-clockwise.

Enter a value to change the graph's orientation.

Mark this checkbox to display a pattern on the graph.

Mark this checkbox and select an item from the Explode Slice drop-down list to emphasize a section of the chart.

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