Layout Designer dialog > Field Notes tab

Alerts and notices

Use this tab of the Layout Designer dialog to indicate how field notes should print on the reports.

To open this dialog and tab, choose Reports > Report Layouts and click the Field notes tab.

Note: To enable the fields in this dialog, highlight a layout in the list and click the Edit button, or click the Add button to add a new layout.

Fields & buttons

Select one of the following options from the drop-down list.

  • Print Field Notes on Standard Reports
  • Never
  • Print Field Notes with Plan Comments

Font group box

This field displays the selected font. To change the font, click the Font button.

This field displays the point size for the selected font. To change the point size, either enter the size in this field or click the Font button.

Click this button to open a dialog in which you can change fonts and font sizes.

Mark this checkbox to display bold font.

Mark this checkbox to display italic font.

Mark this checkbox to display underlined font.

Field note margins (inches) group box

Enter values (in inches) in the available fields to specify the amount of space that should appear around each field note.

Note: You cannot change the Top and Bottom margins when the <System> or <Tax Projection> layout is selected.

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