Performing an MFS split

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You can separate the data for a joint plan into separate taxpayer / spouse alternatives within the plan.

Note: This function is not available in a TCJA Comparison Plan, an S Corp Comparison plan, or when a plan is viewed with a single base year. If you are viewing your plan with a single base year, toggle out of single base year view by choosing View > Single Base Year before performing the following procedure.

  1. Choose Tools > MFS Split. The MFS Split dialog opens.
  2. In the Alternative field, select an alternative for married filing separate analysis from the drop-down list and click OK. Two new taxpayer and spouse alternatives are created in the plan.

    Planner CS splits the data entered in data-entry fields in one of the following ways:

    • Data specific to the taxpayer or spouse is transferred to the respective alternative. For example, taxpayer wages are transferred to the taxpayer alternative.
    • Amounts in data-entry fields that are not specific to the taxpayer or spouse (for example, the Regular interest field) are transferred to the taxpayer alternative by default. However, you can double-click those fields to open a window in which you can allocate those amounts to the spouse if needed. See Entering plan data for more information.

      Note: Community property laws in the resident state may affect how certain items of income and expense should be allocated to the taxpayer and spouse.

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