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We issue bulletins to inform you about enhancements, changes, and special issues related to Planner CS.

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View the current bulletins

Version 2019.2.1 Update (3/05/20)

Version 2019.2.0 Massachusetts Update (2/26/20)

Version 2019.2.0 Ohio Update (2/26/20)

Version 2019.2.0 Update (1/30/20)

Version 2019.1.1 Update (12/19/19)

Version 2019.1.0 Initial Release (11/25/19)

Version 2019.1.0 Help and Support Information (11/25/19)

View bulletins for 2018 releases

Version 2018.3.5 Update (9/26/19)

Version 2018.3.4 Update (7/31/19)

Version 2018.3.3 Update (7/24/19)

Version 2018.3.2 Update (6/6/19)

Version 2018.3.1 Update (5/1/19)

Version 2018.3.0 Update (4/2/19)

Version 2018.2.1 Update (2/27/19)

Version 2018.2.0 Update (1/31/19)

Version 2018.1.2 Update (1/22/19)

Version 2018.1.1 Connecticut Update (1/3/19)

Version 2018.1.1 Georgia Update (1/3/19)

Version 2018.1.1 Update (12/10/18)

Version 2018.1.0 Initial Release (11/19/18)

Version 2018.1.0 Help and Support Information (11/19/18)