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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
06/29/17 Security ALL Notice 06/29/17 Notice Phishing Email Scam

We have been made aware of a Phishing Email Scam that has been sent to some CS Professional Suite users. The Phishing Email asks for 'Re-Validation of Login Credentials'. This was NOT sent by Thomson Reuters. It is an attempt to trick practitioners into revealing their login information. Please do not click on 'Login' button in this email.

If you receive a call about this from a user send the Firm ID, contact name, email address, and details of the message received - including the email address the email address was sent from - to the Command Center.

06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomeware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

06/02/17 Platform N/A Verified 06/15/17 N/A An Issue Occurred with Your Firms Security Upgrade

When logging into a user may receive a prompt to migrate their security. After entering their password a second time they will receive an error message stating migration failed and to contact support. Please add these firms to this TFS item and let them know the issue is being worked on.

Update 6/7/17 - This issue has been resolved.

04/20/17 Calculation Error 16.2.0 Fixed 05/04/17 16.2.2 Net Investment Income Expenses may be overstated
Net Investment Income (NII) Expenses such as state tax and tax preparation fees may be overstated if the NII is greater than the Federal Adjusted Gross Income. As a workaround you can enter 1.0 as an override entry in the Gross income ratio field. This issue was corrected on the 16.2.2 update to the Planner CS - Federal module.
04/13/17 Security 16.2.1 Notice 04/13/17 Notice Ernst & Young Sign In Issues

There have been many reports of Ernst & Young employees not ever being able to sign in to Planner CS with the default password that was setup for them. Even after trying to reset the password from Planner CS and the CS website, they do not receive an email with the Reset Password link.

  1. Close out of the browser completely.
  2. Reset the password from within Planner CS.
  3. Follow the link to the Go sign in screen and sign into the website.
  4. Sign out.
  5. Close out of the browser completely.
  6. Sign into Planner CS.

This has worked for a few customers. If this does not work, please continue reading on next steps.

If an Ernst & Young employee is not able to sign in, please use the IRS Security Escalation Form to request a manual password reset for the login that is having the issue. Once the password has been manually reset, they will need to sign in to the CS website account before they can access Planner CS.


This was caused by us running a script to add about 700 users to their account, but about 100 of them had an account already setup for a different Firm ID and those accounts have now been associated with the correct Firm ID to allow them to sign in. Since this change some of these 100 users are not able to sign in to Planner CS or the CS website with their new or existing password. If you receive a call regarding this issue please use the IRS Security Escalation Form to request a manual password reset.

03/09/17 Security N/A Notice 03/09/17 Notice Update to internal procedures for change of address requests

In an effort to ensure requests to update demographic information are valid the following changes are effective immediately:

At this time CS Web accounts with administrative permissions can still make these requests. We can only accept requests submitted by the licensee. We are currently looking in to ways to restrict this.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice 05/02/17 Notice Strengthen security for your firm and clients with multi-factor authentication

Did you know Thomson Reuters can offer even more advanced security options through multi-factor authentication? Many of the online accounts and software products that you use every day are currently protected by a login and password - multi-factor authentication adds at least one more layer of identity verification to that process.

We strongly recommend that you use multi-factor authentication to provide the highest level of security for you data. To get started, see Multi-factor authentication overview. For additional details about our strongly recommended security measures, see the Data Security for Tax and Accounting Firms page on our website.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice 03/06/17 Notice Firm security – contacting the Incident Management group

When customers tell us that they were compromised, their identity was hacked, they’ve had a security breach, or any other indication that their information has been compromised, it is important to share this. Send any information you receive via email to Support - Incident Management. This team reviews that information to ensure old EFIN numbers are blocked, and takes necessary steps behind the scenes to make sure any compromised information cannot be used maliciously.

02/28/17 Application logins N/A Fixed 03/17/17 N/A CS Professional Suite Sign In Error: "Missing data required to reset password. Please try again."

If you use NetStaff CS login credentials to log in to your CS Professional Suite applications, this issue occurred after resetting your password via the Reset Password link in the application sign in screen. A fix was released on 3/16/17 to resolve this error.

After entering the temporary NetFirm password you received into the sign in screen of your CS Professional Suite application, you will be prompted to update your password via Log in with your NetStaff ID and the temporary password you received, you will be prompted to create a new password after signing in. You will now use the new password you created to access your CS Professional Suite applications. For additional information, see Password management for your CS Professional Suite applications.

02/24/17 Planner CS 2016 Notice 02/24/17 Notice Ernst & Young Installation Reminder

If you have a request from an Ernst & Young user about upgrading to 2016 Planner CS, please let them know that E&Y plans to send an installer package to their internal current users in late February or early March. EY will announce to their users in advance of that distribution.

02/21/17 Security 16.1.0 Notice 02/21/17 16.1.0 EMS Migration Support Tool error: "User exists in TRID, but there is no TRUID in EMS. Contact Platform Development for resolution"

To resolve this error, please follow these steps:

  1. Have the firm admin log in to
  2. The admin chooses Manage Accounts and deletes the user experiencing this error.
  3. The user then navigates to
  4. Choose Hi, Guest | Your Account > Sign in under CS Professional Suite.
  5. On the CS Professional Suite account sign in screen, choose Need an account? Click here.
  6. Have the user enter the Firm ID and Zip code and click the Continue button.
  7. The next screen will display a list of names, mark the My name does not show up in the list box and complete the information fields to create the account.
02/17/17 Security N/A Notice 02/17/17 Notice Reminder: Reset your password for your CS Professional Suite application login credentials

As a reminder, the password that you use with your CS Professional login must meet strength requirements as defined by the IRS and expire after no more than 90 days.

When your password is within three days of expiration you will receive a reminder in your application or in the NetStaff CS dashboard, depending on the credentials that you use. For details, see Password management for your CS Professional Suite application logins.

01/27/17 Platform N/A Notice 01/27/17 Notice NetClient phishing email
If a user reports that they or their client(s) received a suspicious email about NetClient, refer the user to Protecting your firm and clients against phishing scams and instruct them to report this to the IRS. See the “Help Catch the Culprits – Report Phishing Attemps” section at the bottom of the HHTC topic for instructions on how to report.
01/20/17 Security N/A Notice 01/20/17 Notice Application and website logins experiencing issues

We experienced an issue earlier today that prevented sign in to our website. In addition, some may have experienced intermittent issues accessing CS Professional Suite applications. Our Development team released a fix to correct this as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the issue.

At the time the issue was identified, notification was added to our website, our phone queues, and our Help & How-To Center's alerts and notices section.

01/12/17 Planner CS 16.1.1 Notice 01/12/17 Notice Trying to Print Causes "Microsoft .NET Framework" Error

Trying to print from Planner CS causes a "Microsoft .NET Framework" error stating "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application."

On Windows 10 machines, this can be resolved by following these steps:

1. Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners and confirm that the option "Let Windows manage my default printer" is On.

2. Right click on your preferred default printer and choose "Set as default."

3. Confirm that the green checkbox is now marked on the printer.

4. Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners and confirm that the option Let Windows manage my default printer is now Off.

01/03/17 ToolBox CS 16.1.0 Notice 01/03/17 Notice Installation of ToolBox CS and Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools

When trying to install ToolBox CS with either a trial or purchased license, you may get an error message that ToolBox CS has already been installed even though it does not appear as an available program. If you own Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools, both ToolBox CS and Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools cannot run together on the same machine because they are the same program and they use the exact same file structure. We suggest that that you continue with Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tools (as a licensed user) and install ToolBox CS on another machine.

Difference between the two - ToolBox CS does not have California forms in it nor does it have the Individual Tax Calculator that Quickfinder Tax and Financial Tool has. If the user is interested in continued tax planning, consider using Planner CS; otherwise the functionality and environment are the same.

When update 2016.1.2 for ToolBox CS goes out in January the web download available on our website will be bumped up to this version. Due to the file structure uniqueness, a user should be able to install update 2016.1.2 overtop both Quickfinder and Toolbox CS.

12/19/16 ToolBox CS 16.1.1 Fixed 12/22/16 16.1.1 ToolBox CS Security Update
The ToolBox CS v16.1.1 update contains the new security login requirements. Under very specific circumstances, the login credentials are not being recognized properly. If your login credentials are not being recognized, please contact Support by telephone, email or chat so we can correct this issue.

You will need to regenerate the licenses in EMS, and the firm must update their licenses again in order to login.

12/05/16 Website Login 2016 Fixed 12/07/16 N/A Unable to log in to CS Professional Suite Website or 2016 UltraTax CS / Fixed Assets CS / Planner CS

Update 12/7/16 as of 3pm: The issue impacting the creation of new CS Web accounts and the ability to reset passwords has been resolved. If you attempted to update or reset your password on 12/5/16 or 12/7/16, do the following:

  • Log in to or to your applications using the new password that you created. (That password was saved, it just didn't work until the error was resolved.)
  • If you do not recall the new password, click the Reset Password link on the My Account sign in page and create a new password now.

You should not:

  • Reset your password again and attempt to use the same password you used on 12/5 or 12/7; CS Web regards that password as already used.
  • Revert to your original password after attempting to reset it, for the same reason; that password has already been used and is no longer valid.

For additional troubleshooting assistance, see Troubleshooting CS Web or application login errors.

Note that customer service and support have the same tools and communications. No one should be transferring calls on security unless approved by your scheduled call facilitator.
10/19/16 Planner CS 15.2.6 Verified 10/26/16 N/A Update on "Object Reference" errors

Update as of 10/26/16

From this point forward, users should be advised to simply close the program then delete client.udx from the $UTPSys folder. Our previous suggestion of renaming the $UTPSys folder then re-opening the program (do not re-install), should be used ONLY if deleting the client.udx file fails to solve the problem.

1. Close the program, then delete the client.udx file in the $UTPSys folder.

2. Then launch Planner, the program will automatically generate a new client.udx.

3. Now run Tools > Update plan list to populate the client.udx file with their list of plans.

4. FYI reminder - If the user has multiple data locations, it will be necessary to change the Current data directory to point to each of the data locations and then run update plan list again.

08/25/16 Planner CS 15.2.1 Fixed 11/14/16 15.2.4 Adding Additional Year(s) or Alternatives to Existing Plans
The addition of adding a new year or alternative to a plan causes the existing numbers in the most recent alternative to change. This is currently being looked into by development. The workaround is to adjust any changed numbers impacted on the most recent alternative.
08/25/16 Planner CS 15.2.3 Fixed 11/14/16 15.2.4 Custom Client Letter with Header
If creating a custom client letter .doc template and inserting a header in the letter editor, the image will save and appear fine. However, if close and open another client to look at the template the header will not appear. The header will only appear if actually printed from File/Print Reports on subsequent clients.
08/25/16 Planner CS 15.2.3 Fixed 09/07/16 15.2.4 Planner CS fails with "close debug error"
Planner CS fails with "close debug error" if user's windows login UID 15 or more characters in length. The user profile UID will need to be reduced/changed to ben shorter on he current version. This will be fixed with the Fall 2016 release of the program.
07/14/16 Planner CS 15.2.0 Fixed 12/13/16 16.1.1 Planner Collation no longer working with Client Letter
Planner Collation is no longer working when a Client Letter is moved up or down in the collation. The letters are always appearing at the bottom of the form list regardless of the collation change. This will be corrected in a future release.
07/06/16 Planner CS 15.2.1 Fixed 08/04/16 15.2.3 Allowed Deduction for Keogh/SEP Contributions
The program is not calculating the individual retirement plan deduction on the Keogh/SEP tab correctly when you enter "Yes" for "Compute maximum contribution" along with any one of the following entries:
a) Compute max elective deferral = "Yes"
b) Elective deferral payments > 0
c) Catch-up contribution > 0
In this scenario, the program is incorrectly setting the "Allowable plan contribution" field to zero.
WORKAROUND: Do not mark the "Compute maximum contribution" checkbox when the client will have elective deferral payments or a catch-up contribution. Instead, enter "No" in the "Compute max contrib" checkbox and enter "0.25" in the "Plan contr rate if not maximum" field.
07/06/16 Planner CS 15.2.2 Fixed 08/04/16 15.2.3 Exporting Nebraska Nonresident return from UltraTax CS crashes Planner CS
Exporting Nebraska Nonresident return from UltraTax CS crashes Planner CS when Preparer sets default resident state of NE under Tools/Setup Preparer. WORKAROUND: In the Import New Plan dialog, first delete NE as the resident state. This will cause both NE Resident and NE Nonresident to be deleted from the plan. Then you can select NE as the nonresident state and click OK to complete the export.
05/24/16 Planner CS 15.2.1 Fixed 06/15/16 15.2.2 Single Base Year Plans
There are times when corruption will occur with a plan when your plan is in Single Base Year viewing mode, and you then use Edit/Plan Alternatives/Delete to reduce the # of alternatives to one. This will cause the prior plans to recalculate and display incorrect. The workaround is to not reduce the number of plan alternatives down to just one when the plan is in Single Base Year mode. If you wish to reduce the # of alternatives down to one, first go to View/Single Base Year and unselect Single Base Year. This will be corrected in a future update.
05/20/16 Planner CS 15.2.1 Fixed 06/15/16 15.2.2 Resident State Postal Code
On Sales Taxes tab, Planner CS displays the wrong Resident state postal code and Sales tax rate when copying data across columns. The workaround is to close the plan and then open and reselect the correct resident state. This will be corrected in a future update.
05/12/16 Planner CS 15.2.0 Fixed 06/15/16 15.2.2 Iowa School Tax Rate
In the Iowa module, the input (in the Taxable Income area) for "School tax rate" does not trigger a calculation for the following line - School district tax in Planner CS. The workaround is to override for now. This will be corrected in a future update.
05/06/16 Download 15.2.0 Notice 05/06/16 Notice Ernst & Young 2015.2.0 CD Download Notice

When responding to questions from Ernst & Young users calling with Planner CS questions about the "You must download and install this release in order to be able to receive future Planner CS updates" message appearing in the Notices section (or how to get the new 2015.2 installation file), please have them contact one of the following individuals:

  • Michelle Houser
  • Stewart Goodson
  • Tom DiLorenzo

The firm wanted us to pass along their advance thanks and appreciation in helping to comply with Ernst & Young installation policies and steering users in the right direction.

05/04/16 Planner CS 15.2.0 Fixed 06/15/16 15.2.2 Calculation of 20% Limit for Charitable Contributions
For a carryover from a prior year of a 20% limitation charitable contribution, Planner CS is not calculating the allowed contribution amount correctly when the current year includes large contributions to both a 30% limit organization and a contribution of capital gain property (with a 30% limit) to a 50% limit organization. The problem occurs in the current year because Planner CS fails to separately limit the two categories of 30% limit contributions (the special 30% limit for capital gain property and contributions to a 30% limit organization). Note the problem occurs only for a carryforward of a 20% limit contribution, it calculates correctly for a 20% limit contribution made in the current year. Workaround is to override the year plan in the Contributions tab the amount as an override in the "Allowed Charitable Contr" field with the expected amount.
This will be corrected in a future update.
04/29/16 Planner CS 14.1.4 Verified 07/06/16 N/A Adoption Credit Calculation
The Adoption Credit may calculate incorrectly when an employer adoption benefit is included. The system is incorrectly subtracting the employer adoption benefit from the maximum allowable credit when it should be subtracted from the total expenses for the calculation of the amount eligible for the credit. This could result in the eligible credit allowed being understated. The workaround to fix the plan would be to delete the amount that exported to the "Adoption benefits" field on the Adoption tab. Then you would reduce the expenses exported to the same tab by the amount of the employer adoption credit. After you make these changes, the plan will match the tax return. This will be corrected in a future update.
04/20/16 Download 15.2.0 Notice 04/20/16 Notice Planner CS 2015.2.0 Download Now Available

Planner CS 2015.2.0 has been released as of 9:00am this morning.

Please download and install the latest install file, version 2015.2.0, from the CS Professional Suite website in order to receive future Planner CS updates.

01/22/16 Download 15.1.0 Notice 01/22/16 Notice Error: The signature of download.exe is invalid or corrupt

You may receive an error saying that the signature of the product download.exe is corrupt or invalid. There is not an issue with the install file itself. For more information, see The signature of download.exe is invalid or corrupt.

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