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After you install the application files, the next step is to install the licenses for Practice CS. In most cases, you will use CS Connect to obtain and install the licenses. However, in rare cases, you may receive a license file via email. If you received a license file via email, please skip the following procedure and proceed to Installing licenses received via email below. Otherwise, complete the following procedure to install the licenses for Practice CS.

Obtaining and installing licenses via CS Connect

CS Connect is installed automatically when you install Practice CS, providing a convenient and economical way for you to download application and license updates via modem or internet connection.

Complete the following procedure to open Practice CS and use CS Connect to obtain and install the licenses electronically.

  1. Verify that you are logged in to your computer or server as an administrator.
  2. Double-click the Practice CS shortcut icon that was added to your desktop when you installed the application files (or click Start on the Windows taskbar and choose All Programs > CS Professional Suite > Practice CS).
  3. In the Open Firm field, select Sample. Then click OK.

    Note: If you previously opened the Sample firm and made changes to its security settings, you may need to enter the password you created.

  4. To open CS Connect, choose Help > About Practice CS, and click the Download Licenses button.
  5. Enter your firm ID (found on your mailing label) and mailing address ZIP code, and then click Next.
  6. If the Connect - Communications Setup dialog appears (as shown in the following illustration), you need to verify or select the various communications settings applicable to your system so that you can communicate with our secure data center. For details, see Setting up the communication configuration. When you are finished verifying your communications settings, click OK to close the Connect - Communications Setup dialog.
  7. In the CS Connect dialog, click OK. CS Connect logs in to our secure data centers and downloads your licenses.
  8. Follow the remaining prompts to install the licenses.

    Note: At any future time, you can restart the process to obtain and install licenses via CS Connect. To do so, choose File > CS Connect, mark the Retrieve licenses checkbox, and click the Call Now button.

Installing licenses received via email

  1. If you received a Practice CS license file via email, please follow the instructions in that email message and then follow the steps below.
  2. The installation wizard prompts you to choose the destination location for Practice CS. You need to choose the folder where the shared files are installed. (The final destination for the application should be a folder called \WINCSI. For example, you may have installed your shared files in F:\APPS\WINCSI.)
  3. After you have verified the destination path, click Next to continue with the installation.

Even if you received your original license files via email, all updates to your Practice CS license information are available only via CS Connect. If you require an updated license in the future (for example, if you purchase a license for an optional add-on module later), you will need to download and install the updated license via CS Connect, as described in Obtaining and installing licenses via CS Connect above.

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