Adding a schedule item to a staff calendar

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  1. Choose View > Staff Calendar.
  2. Right-click the timeline, and do one of the following:
    • Choose New Outlook Appointment or New Outlook Task. In the dialog that opens, enter the scheduling information, and then click Save & Close.

      Note: You cannot enter an Outlook Appointment or Outlook Task on the calendar of another staff member in Practice CS. You can only add Outlook appointments and tasks for another staff member directly in Outlook. After you enter the appointment or task in Outlook, other staff members can view it in their Practice CS Staff Calendar if they have security privileges to view staff calendars for other staff members.

    • Choose Add from the context menu, and then choose the schedule item (Scheduled Phone Call, Scheduled Benefit, Meeting, or CPE Course) you want to add to the calendar. In the dialog that opens, enter the schedule item information, and then click OK.

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