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Use the Calendar Options pane in the Firm, Staff, or Client Calendar to choose which dates and schedule items you want to see.


  • Click the Auto Hide Auto Hide button button to show or hide the Calendar Options pane. You can also right-click the Calendar Options heading and choose Auto Hide from the context menu.
  • Double-click the Calendar Options heading to dock or undock the pane and move it to another part of the screen or to a second monitor. You can also right-click the heading and choose Floating from the context menu to dock or undock the pane.
  1. Calendar: Click a date within the calendar at the top of the Calendar Options pane to show the schedule items for that day.
  2. Use the toolbar buttons at the top of the screen to display Today, 1 Day, Work Week, Week, Month, or Timeline. The calendar will display the time frame that includes the day that you selected.

    If you are in Timeline view, select the units of time you would like to see. For example, enter 1 in the Interval field and select Days from the drop-down list to see the timeline divided into one-day intervals.

  3. Dates: Select Targets to see projects, tasks, and to do items that have target dates within the selected time frame. Select Scheduled to see scheduled items that fall within the selected time frame.
  4. Displayed Items: Mark the checkbox for each schedule item you want to show in the calendar.

    Note: Marking the Outlook Appointments or Outlook Tasks checkbox may affect performance. You may want to clear these checkboxes whenever you do not need to see these Outlook items.

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