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To create a profile, follow these steps.


  • For report profiles, choose File > Print Reports.
  • For label and letter profiles, choose File > Print Labels & Letters.
  1. From the left pane, select the items you want to include in the profile.

    Note: You can also select profiles you have already created to add to a new profile.

  2. In the Selection and Layout tabs, choose the desired print options for each selected item.
  3. Click the Profiles button.
  4. In the Profiles dialog, enter a name (up to 30 characters) for the profile in the Description field.
  5. Items in the profile are displayed in the order in which you selected them. If you want to change the order in which they print, click and drag the items to reorder them.

    Note: Reports, labels, or letters in the list that are part of an existing profile can only be reordered within the profile.

  6. Click the Add button to save the profile.

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