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The Preview screen enables you to view reports, invoices, statements, letters, and labels before printing. The screen also provides a way to trace data on a report.

To open the Preview screen, use one of the following procedures.

Drilling down into report data (Reports only)

Most reports displayed in the Preview screen are interactive. You can click items in the report to trace the data back to its origins. When you move your mouse pointer over data that is interactive, the pointer changes from an arrow to a hand. For some data, such as total amounts, clicking the item within the Preview screen lets you "drill down" to another report showing the relevant source data. For other data, clicking the item will open the screen where the data was originally entered.

After you drill down away from the Preview screen, you can return to it by clicking the Back button button in the toolbar.

Note: The drill-down feature is not active for invoices, statements, letters, or labels.

Navigating the preview using the toolbar

The Preview screen's toolbar provides tools for navigating through multiple-page documents, finding text within a document, toggling between single- and multiple-page view, zooming in or out, and returning to a main report from a subsidiary report.

Table of Contents button Table of Contents Click this button to display a table of contents panel on the left of the Preview screen. The table of contents lists the various groupings selected for the document and lets you click a grouping to jump to that part of the document.
Print button Print Sends the displayed document to the printer you have selected in the Print dialog. You can open the Print dialog from the preview by choosing File > Print.
Copy button Copy Copies the contents of the displayed document so that you can paste it into another document.
Find button Find Allows you to search for words or character strings within the displayed document.
Single Page View button Single Page View Displays the document preview one page at a time.
Multiple Page View button Multiple Page View Allows you to view multiple pages at one time. In multiple page view, you can choose to view up to nine pages (3 x 3) at one time.
Continuous Scroll button Continuous Scroll Allows you to scroll continuously through a multi-page report using the scrollbar instead of using the next page / previous page buttons.
Zoom Out button Zoom Out Lets you zoom out from the document (minimum size 10 percent).
Zoom In button Zoom In Lets you zoom in on the document (maximum size 800 percent).
Zoom drop-down list Zoom drop-down list In this field, you can manually enter a zoom percentage or select a percentage from the drop-down list. You can also select Page Width or Whole Page.
First Page button First Page Go to first page of the document.
Previous Page button Previous Page Go to previous page of the document.
Next Page button Next Page Go to next page of the document.
Last Page button Last Page Go to last page of the document.
  • When you are previewing more than one document at a time, you can choose the document you would like to preview from the drop-down list at the top of the screen.
    Drop-down list
  • Preview of multiple documents is not available when you access the Preview screen from the Custom Formats setup screen.

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