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Note: This report is available only if you are licensed for the Project Management module.

The Task Tracking report shows staff the tasks that they need to complete for a project, and by when. Staff can use this report when they need to know if they can begin a task and whether the preceding task(s) have been completed. This report shows which employees are assigned to different projects, and it is effective in showing which tasks are ready to begin, who is working on them, and status of the tasks.

This report will always detail task information. It can be grouped by staff, task, client or project information. For an example of this report, see Task Tracking Sample Report.

Note: Click any field in the report to open the Task dialog.

To view and print the Task Tracking report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Task Tracking in the available reports pane, and then click the Select button.

Information on this report includes the following:

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