Integrating client notes from CS Professional Suite Accounting Applications

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If your firm is licensed for the Practice CS Client Management module, you can view client notes from CS Professional Suite Accounting Applications (CSA) in Practice CS. CSA client notes are displayed as interaction notes in Practice CS in the following locations:

To view CSA client notes in Practice CS, you must format the notes appropriately in CSA, and perform some setup steps in Practice CS.

Setup in Practice CS

Mark the Integrate this Firm with other solutions checkbox on the Preferences tab of the Firm setup screen.

Setup in CSA

Before CSA client notes can be integrated with Practice CS, you must enter the path for Practice CS data in CSA.

  1. In CSA, choose Setup > User Preferences and click the File Locations tab.
  2. Click the More More button button next to the Practice CS data path field and browse to the data folder for Practice CS. Typically this folder is located in X:\WinCSI\Practice CS Data, with X representing the drive where your Practice CS data resides.

Entering a client note in CSA

For a CSA client note to display in Practice CS, the client ID and EIN must be identical in the two applications.

To enter a client note in CSA, follow these steps.

  1. With the client open, choose Edit > Client Note.
  2. In the Client Note dialog, format the note according to the following criteria:
    • The first line of the client note must begin with a date in mm/dd/yyyy format. The month and day can be one digit or two; the year can be two digits or four. Examples of proper format include 9/1/07, 09/01/07, 9/1/2007, and 09/01/2007.

      Note: The date will not appear in the client note when viewed in Practice CS.

    • There must be either a space or a tab between the end of the date and the beginning of the note text.

    Note: Many separate notes can be entered in the Client Note dialog in CSA. Some of these notes you may wish to integrate with Practice CS, and others you may wish to retain only within CSA. Whether a note is transmitted to Practice CS or not depends on how it is formatted in CSA. For more information on proper formatting of client notes, see Formatting client notes below.

  3. Click OK to save the client note in CSA.

Note: The integration process can sometimes take a minute or two, so if your note does not appear immediately in Practice CS, check again a short time later or refresh the screen by clicking the Refresh Refresh button button in the Practice CS toolbar.

Formatting client notes

The formatting of client notes determines whether they are transmitted to Practice CS or retained only in CSA. By understanding a few formatting rules, you can control which text in the Client Notes dialog in CSA carries over to Practice CS.

The following guidelines will help you control client note integration

Concluding a client note

There are two ways to conclude a client note.

Note: When you begin a new note with a date, there is no need to separate the new client note from the previous one with two blank lines.


Example In this screenshot, note the following.

Example of client note
  1. Two blank lines conclude the note.
  2. No preceding date is used for notes that are for CSA use only.
  3. The correctly formatted date ends the previous note and begins a new integrated note.
  4. A single blank line between rows of text means that the text after the blank line will be included in the same note as the text above it.

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