Setting up recurring schedule items

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Use the Recurrence dialog to set up recurring schedule items such as meetings, scheduled phone calls, or to-do items.

  1. Open the meeting, scheduled phone call, or to do item.
  2. Click the Recurrence Recurrence button button.
  3. Click the Use Specified Rule option.

    Note: To remove the recurrence from a schedule item, click the None option so that the application does not generate any future occurrences.

  4. Select the appropriate recurrence settings for the schedule item.
    Recurrence setting Selection
    Frequency In the Pattern field, select how often the item occurs from the drop-down list. The available options change depending on the frequency you select.

    Note: If you select None for the recurrence, no due date options are available.

    Target dates Enter the number of month(s) and/or day(s) before the complete date that the recurring schedule item should start.
    • Click the No end date option for ongoing schedule items.
    • Click the End after option and enter the number of occurrences to generate a limited number of schedule items.
    • Click the End by option and select a date from the drop-down calendar to end the recurrence by a specific date.
    Generation Generate the next Schedule Item:
    • When I manually create it: Click this option to manually generate the next schedule item.
    • month(s) / day(s) before the next occurrence: Click this option and enter the number of months and/or days before the next recurring schedule item. This option allows you to postpone generation of future schedule items until closer to their due date.
    • Generate all: Click this option to generate all of the schedule items now and to add the items to the calendar.
  5. Click OK.

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